After Hurricane Jeanne
September 2004, Exactly 3 Weeks After Hurricane Frances
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Though the garden was severly damaged by Hurricane Frances, the house had only minimal damage. Frances left that for her sister storm Jeanne. There was not a whole lot more left in the garden after Frances for Jeanne to bring down, though everything dug out of the wind-borne sand after Frances was buried again.

The east-facing second floor plate glass was blown in, the eastern third floor sliding glass doors blown in and the south third floor glass blown out, taking with it most of the bedroom furnishings. Ceilings, walls, floors and remaining furniture were soaked and covered sand and glass. The ground floor has only water damage to ceiling and carpet.

We evacuated to the farm where the horses live, not taking them to Tampa this time as we did for Frances. Farm owners Rhonda and Terry Tippin did go to Tampa. Though the farm is in Malabar, nearer the eye of the storm, it is on the mainland and relatively high. The barn is well engineered for storms up to 140 mph but not for higher gusts. We rode the storm out in the tack room adjacent to and across from our horses' stalls. The barn suffered only slight damage. The problem was the water! The entire farm except the barn itself was under one to two feet of water which wasn't draining off.



Knotts Resort on Lake Tippin

We returned home Monday afternoon to these scenes:

The second floor

Above and left - The third floor


Right - Our bedroom

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