Rebuilding the House
in Paradise
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The drywall was hung in just one day!

< 2/13/05 >


 < Drywall finishing started
2/19/05. It was more or less completed in record time 2/22 at 5 pm. We painted all night so we didn't have to reschedule the carpet installation.

Cabinets arrive 2/21/05 >



 < Carpet arrived 2/23.

Some furniture (the rest will be early April) arrived 2/24. Cheech christened the new white upholstery and we had Champagne, a glass for each of us and one for the carpet. >


 < Cabinet installation was completed 2/25 just before the appliances arrived.

Wiring and plumbing were almost complete the same night. >


 Part of each room is civilized -- the other part is a construction zone.

 At least, we can eat, sit, sleep


 and best of all,

As of March 20, we are more or less finished upstairs until the rest of our furniture and drapes arrive. The ground floor is now high priority. Dry wall repair, painting and new carpet are in the works.

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