Rebuilding the House
in Paradise
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After stripping the inside of the house back to bare concrete, repair of the damage to the structure itself came first. Much of the Marblecrete finish on the outside also had to come off.

< Structure repair 11/10-04 >

Then the stucco had to be repaired. Because we couldn't match the original finish, the whole house had to be reblown as well.

< 11/23/04
Stucco repair
12/23/04 >


Stucco and deck repairs were completed 1/20/05. Tracks for the sliding doors began to arrive the same day with tracks for the fixed glass following in a few days.

< 1/21/05

1/27/05 >

v First glass 2/4/05 v






With all but one sliding door in place, we elected to proceed with the drywall. It HAD to be boomed to the third floor BEFORE the new railings were installed.

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2/12/05 >

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