Between the Storms
September 2004
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Of course we had no idea that we would be slammed by Hurricane Jeanne (9/25-26) exactly three weeks after Hurricane Frances (9/4-5) so we proceeded full steam cleaning up. Our first goal was to cut our way into the garden so we could assess the damage. Second was to try to recover several special plants from the buried ponds on the ocean side. Next came uncovering wood decks and walkways to avoid rot from trapped moisture and THEN we got to clearing and dragging out or stacking debris.

Many friends, especially members of our email discussion list, offered help and we took them up on it! Some old friends, some new friends (meeting in person for the first time) and even a snow bird showed up. Alan Montour drove all the way from Maryland the designated weekend to help. The A Team accomplished an amazing amount of debris removal, cutting back and sand moving.


 Ben, Alan Montour, Bill Cherry, Pam Beal,
Donna Melcher (behind) Bill Aiman, Dennis Melcher, Craig Presnell,
Walt Whybrew, Dick Beal, kneeling Kyle Whybrew, Susan Whybrew

Even though Hurricane Ivan missed us, a remnant of it circled around and hit us from the northeast, further eroding the beach.


 And then came Jeanne.

Hurricanes 2004
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