Dig & Drag . . .
A Continuing Story

We dug the interior part of the garden out (more or less) after Frances and then again (more or less) after Jeanne reburied it, but left the oceanside for last. A foot or more sand was added by Jeanne and we really didn't know where to start. It turned out to be on Reflection, a story all its own.

The Resurrection of Reflection
November 21, 2004


Dune 11/28/04
We spend most daylight hours digging. And digging. And digging. After Reflection, we started with the stone patio west of Dune and the walkway beside Riches, digging eastward.

Dune 12/5/05

Riches 11/26/04
Because of the stone wall protecting Riches on its east side, it was only partly buried. Digging was difficult because waterlilies were still alive and had adapted to the varying depth. Nothing survived in Treasures, more deeply duned.

Treasures 12/20/04

Jean Nix and Jerry Hofer help dig.

Stars and the temporary propagation tank

The depth of the sand over Stars and the Pods is daunting.
 The Pods dug out 1/21/05
House now takes precedence.

The Dune Dock rebuilt

Hurricanes 2004
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