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 Victoria Main Page

Image Galleries Main
  Victoria 'Adventure' (Main)
 Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4
Fall & Winter Flowers | Gallery 5 | Gallery 6 | Gallery 7 | Gallery 8
Gallery 9
  Victoria amazonica (Main)
Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Christmas amazonica
Gallery 4 | Gallery 5 | Gallery 6 | Gallery 7 | Gallery 8 | Gallery 9
  Victoria 'Atlantis' (Main)
 Identification | Gallery 1
'Atlantis' Flower Time Lapse Slide Show - 357K
  Victoria 'Challenger' 
  Victoria 'Columbia' 
  Victoria cruziana  (Main)
Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 - The First Paraguayan
Gallery 4 | Gallery 5 | Gallery 6 | Gallery 7 | Gallery 8 | Gallery 9
  Victoria 'Discovery'
  Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid'  (Main)
Identification | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4
First Night Opening - Slide Show by Billy Bates 600K
Gallery 5 | Gallery 6 | Gallery 7 | Gallery 8
  Euryale ferox  
  Gallery of Antique Illustrations  
  Victoria (Large & Small) Progress Pictures Page 1 | Page 2 
Galleries by Photographer
  KK Agrawal Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
  Guillermo Angulo's Bathtub Victoria Galleries (Index) 
Bathtub Victoria | First Flower | The Bathtub Victoria Gets A New Home
The Second Life of Guillermo's Victoria | Victoria 2002
The Third Life of Guillermo's Victoria  
  Billy Bates & Steve Kennon's Gallery 2003 
  Carla Black "Double" Victoria Pad
  Carla Black & Angel Rodriguez, Panama Victoria First Night Opening Movie - 8M - Not recommended for dailup connections - Needs QuickTime Player Free Download 
  Dave Brigante's Passion for Victoria, Growing them all in Tualatin, Oregon   
  Mohd Helmi Daud Victoria amazonica in Malaysia - From Seed To Bloom
  The Clyde Ikins Collection - Victoria & Euryale
  Kit Knotts 
Victoria Triple - V. amazonica, V. 'Adventure', V. cruziana compared 
Dissection of V. amazonica 
Clash of the Titans V. amazonica and N. gigantea compete for space
2004 Victoria Galleries | 2005 Victoria Portrait Galleries
2006 Victoria Galleries | 2007 Victoria Galleries 
Potpourri | Christmas Vics 2001 | Reflection - Independence Day 2002 
  Jay Lee Victoria Thrives In Korea 2005
  Rich Sacher Victorias 
  Lily Summers Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 
  Chas Summers Makes His Debut on a Victoria Pad 
  Joe Summers Gallery of Victorias at Missouri Botanical Garden 
  Alex Howerton Grows Up on Victoria Pads 
Galleries from Gardens
  Atlanta Botanical Garden's 2005 Victorias - Photos by Sean Hoelscher
  Victoria at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist  
  Victoria Images by Ian Walker
from Flecker Botanic Gardens, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 
  Victoria & Chihuly Glass at the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew - by James Knock  
  Images of La Rinconada, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and its World Record Victorias | Gallery 2
  A Closer Look at La Rinconada
Flowers | Buildings | Panoramic Views | Victoria Details | Baby Victorias
  The Oregon Garden Silverton, Oregon, USA - More Than A Pretty Face!
Photos by Renee Stoops and The Oregon Garden
  Tea Party With a Twist! at The Oregon Garden - Photos by Peter Marbach
  Victoria & Euryale 2005 at Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO - Photos by Tim Dale 
  Victoria 2006 - White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo - by Susan Micks 
  Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Victoria  

Index to Articles
General Articles
Introduction To Victoria
Adventure in Paradise
New developments in the raising of cultivars of the giant waterlily Victoria
An animated image "paper" presented by Kit Knotts at the
International Horticultural Congress 2002, Toronto

8M download - Not recommended for dialup connections 
(If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, click here to download a viewer)
  Myths & Misinformation About Victoria 
  The Largest Victoria Pads Every Recorded!
La Rinconada, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
- Text by Tonchi Ribero
  From WGI ONLINE Journal - La Rinconada, Bolivia, Victorias
Comparison of La Rinconada Plants to Both Species 
  The Weight-bearing Capability of Victoria
by Li Shujuan, Xi'an Botanical Garden, Xi'an, China 

Historical Articles
Victoria's History  by Kit Knotts 
Victoria Regia The Gardeners' Chronicle 1850 Provided by Mike Stephenson
Victoria Regia, OR The Great Water Lily OF America (167K)
by John Fisk Allen, with illustrations by William Sharp 1854
For shorter download Page 1 | Page 2 | Plates 
The Victoria Regia - Historical Reminiscences
Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 1885
Provided by Mike Stephenson 
Plant Notes. The Victoria Regia Garden and Forest 1888
Provided by Mike Stephenson 

In The Wild 
  Rich Sacher's Amazon Adventure  
 In Search of the Giant Victoria
  The Search for the Hardy Victoria Waterlily of Argentina  
By Walter Pagels and Lindsay "Butch" Weaver 
  The Search For Irupé - The Hardy Victoria Waterlily Of Argentina - Part II
By Jorge Monteverde - English - Español 
  Expedition to Investigate the Central Bolivian Original Collection Site of
La Rinconada's Victorias - Article | More Images
Text by Tonchi Ribero
 - Photos by Luzmilla (Chiqui) Arroyo

In Cultivation
  Directory of Gardens That Display Victoria 
  About Victoria Lot Numbers
  Pedigrees of Victoria Species and Hybrids 
  Miniature Victorias By Kit Knotts with Travis Andrews & Joe Summers
  Shipping Victoria By KK Agrawal 
  The Victoria Adventure and Observations at the
U.S. National Arboretum - 2001, 2002 and 2003
By Mark McGuiness
Page 2 - 2002 | Germination Data | Germination Notes | Gallery 1 | Gallery 2
Victoria Water Platters at the U.S. National Arboretum
Page 3 - 2003 | Growth Data - Excel Book 1 - Excel Book 2
Comparitive Galleries - V. 'Adventure' & 'Longwood Hybrid' | V. cruziana & V. 'Columbia' | V. amazonica | Effects of Hurricane Isabel | Season's End
  Rich Sacher's "Bonsai" Victoria
  Victoria Goes To Gaylord by Kit Knotts & Robert Layman 
  Mesozoic Monster - Richard Moyroud's Huge Victoria 
  The Death of Old Faithful - by Benno Wang, Hilo, Hawaii  

How To Grow Victoria
Cultivation Guide 
Page 1 - Storing Seeds, Starting Seeds, "Nicking"
Page 2 - Setup For Seedlings, Planting Seedlings
Page 3 - Floating Leaf Stage, Feeding Seedlings, Potting Larger
Page 4 - Final Planting, Nutrients, Potential Problems
The Absolute Essentials For Victoria Seedling Survival
Weakly Weekly - Fertilizing Victoria
Sources For Ingredients In Our Victoria Nutrient "Cocktail"  
The cOZtail The Australian equivalent of our Victoria nutrient cocktail
by Paul Noonan 
Our Initial Experiments With Peat
Peat Works 
Timetable Of Victoria Seedling Growth
Plant & Seed Selection
Obtaining Seeds
Our Process of Sending Out Victoria Seeds 
Plant Availability
"Nicking" Victoria Seeds Step By Step 
Details About Planting Seedlings 
Shipping & Receiving Victorias
Setup For Victoria Seed Sprouting & 2003 Every Other Day Germination Results 
Outdoor Setup For Victoria Seedlings
Boosting Baby Victorias To Bigger Pots Step By Step
Stalling Young Victorias
A simple solution for preventing critters from eating your water plants --
Cage 'Em! by Kit Knotts  
How to Make a Victoria Pen by Don Goodman, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens 
Journal of a New Victoria Addict by Alan Montour updated weekly
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8a | Page 8b
Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12 | Page 13 | Page 14 | Page 15 | Page 16
Page 17 | <Page 18 | <Page 19 | <Page 20 | Page 21 | Into The Pond | Finale
Another Approach To Growing Seedlings Successfully By James Lim
KK Agrawal's Victoria Growth Experiments
Kit Knotts' Step by Step Repotting Victoria
Kit Knotts' Extending the Life of Victoria How to deal with overgrowth 
Comparison of Victoria Seedlings
  Replenishing Water in an Aquarium by Chris Lindsey
  Germination in vitro: future for the Victoria amazonica seeds? by Renata Mazzini
  Producing Victoria Seeds by Kit Knotts 
  Collecting Victoria Seeds by Kit Knotts
  Moving American Aquatic Gardens' Victoria cruziana to a Winter Home
by Rich Sacher
  Winterized Victorias with a clever alternative to the "cocktail"
by Enrique Bay-Schmith
  The Caracas, Venezuela, Victoria Society
Its Birth
Gallery of Images
Gallery of El Toro
Starting The Seeds
Sonia's Bucket Babies
First Flowering of Sonia's Bucket Victoria
Expedition to Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical
Page 1 | Page 2
El Balcon del Yaracuy | Pictures of the Travelers
Dorothy's Delicious Descriptions

Special Articles
  The Legend of the Flower of Victoria 
Story by Steve and Maria Yolen
Translation from the Portuguese by Guillermo Angulo
  Mother, you are my one and only | Madre no hay sino una
A charming love story by Guillermo Angulo
  'Twas The Night Before Christmas
A Special Victoria-Adventure Adaptation
by Alan Montour  
  Victoria, a love affair by Guillermo Angulo, Colombia  
  Tegualda, another love affair 350K - For shorter download Part 1 | Part 2
by Guillermo Angulo, Colombia 

Scientific Articles 
Anatomy of Victoria Flowers by Stan Skinger, Kit & Ben Knotts
"The floral anatomy of Victoria Schomb. (Nymphaeaceae)" by E.L. Schneider
Floral Anatomy Main | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4
Page 5 | Page 6 | References | Figures and Plates
  Investigation: the possibility of hybridization in breeding lineages of Victoria cruziana and V. amazonica DNA Study Results
by Keith Hartley and Jeremie Fant, Chicago Botanic Garden

Euryale ferox  Gallery and Identification 
Victoria's Cousin by Josh Spece
Billy Bates & Steve Kennon's Gallery of Euryale ferox


Our Adventure With Victoria Main Page
Sequential articles about the practical side of Victoria in cultivation



  The Adventure Begins
Trash the Rule Book!
Vic Shrinks
Anatomy of Victoria Flowers


  It Begins Again
Adventure the Hybrid
Scope Stuff
The Ring Thing
The Enchanted Forest
Can It Happen?
Open The Door!


  A Very Bad Year  


  A Banner Year
Seeds of the Century
The Cruziana Clock
The Pollen Prof
Dissection of V. amazonica


  An Even Bigger Year
Roots Revisited
Crazy Cruziana 
Tracking C47B
2002 Victoria Image Galleries
"Adventure in Paradise" - 8M download, not recommended for dailup connections


  We Like It Like This
Breakthrough! Seedling Survival
Roots Again - Incentive to use the Cocktail
A New Take On Victoria Species Germination &
Will The Real cruziana Please Stand Up
2003 Victoria Galleries


The Hurricanes
What Makes Victoria Seeds Sprout -- Or Not?
Survivor Paradise
Reflection Gallery Month By Month
2004 Victoria Galleries


DNA Study of Victoria Breeding Stock
What Makes Victoria Seeds Sprout? Revisited
The Tortoise or the Hare


The White One
Split Personality
Up in the Air
2006 Galleries  


Stranger and Stranger
Why Is That? (New plants for winter)
Speaking of Stalling
2007 Galleries 




 Water Gardening Main Page

General Articles
  Introduction to Water Gardening by Kit Knotts
  Water Gardening Basics by Kit & Ben Knotts  
WGI's series for Beginners by Joel Police
Introduction - Your Water Garden
Water Features, Water Gardens, and Specialized Ponds
Planning: Location, Design, Action
Materials and Components for your Pond
Filtration Systems for Water Gardens and Koi Ponds
Pumps | Lighting
  Index to Water Gardening Articles
  Sources For Waterlilies and Aquatic Plants  
  Truly Named wgi© - Water Gardeners International Member Certification of Waterlilies 
  About Pond Filters, Skimmers, UV Sterilizers and Pumps by Kit Knotts 
Fall Finale by Cyndie Thomas (Winterizing your pond) 
  Overwintering Your Tropical Waterlilies & Marginal Plants by Sharyn Munn 
  Spring Start by Cyndie Thomas (Spring prep and repotting hardy waterlilies) 
  Waterlily Family Tree - Family relationships with links to taxonomy and images
  Reading and Writing Plant Names by Kit Knotts 
  Turtles, Toads & Other Trivial Traumas - by Rich Sacher 
  Clear Water and a new pond in Paradise - by Kit Knotts
  Solving The Green Water Blues by members of our email discussion list
  The Sustainable Pond by Jamie Vande
  Fish for your Pond by David Smith
  Frogs, Toads, Tadpoles and Your Pond by Kit Knotts & our email discussion list 
  Favorite Frogs - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
  Complete List of Perry D. Slocum's Waterlily, Lotus & Iris Cultivars
Compiled by Charles B. Thomas
  Building Moon and Clear Water II by Kit & Ben Knotts
  From WGI ONLINE Journal -
Parasites, Pathogens, and Problem Plants by Rich Sacher, Louisiana USA 
  Innovative Thermoplanter Expands Tropical Waterlily Season by Charles B. Thomas  
  Pond Heating Possibilities by Jeremy Prentice

Specialty Articles
  The Aliens Are Coming!
or Responsible Water Gardening Without Invasives - by Larry Maupin 
  Are Birds Telepathic? by Sheila Tierney
  Tranquility by Sheila Tierney
  The Two Weeks From H--- Water Gardening Greats Visit "Paradise" 
Iris ensata & Waterlilies In Japan   
  Aphid Control by Sean Stevens Sean's Ponds & Patio Garden / Tutorials
The Gospel According To GRIN Our reference for taxonomy by Kit & Ben Knotts 
  Garden ornament ideas - 2002 Displays At American Aquatic Gardens
  Images of "Water World" at SNA 2003 by Rich Sacher
  Images From An Italian Water Garden by Gianluca Bonomo
  Blooming Friendships -
or how the Clyde Ikins Slide Collection came to Victoria-Adventure -
by Duane Eaton
  The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society 2006 Symposium Index
The Blues | Visit to Dania Beach Water Gardens | New Waterlily Competition
WGI Hosts as IWGS Visits Paradise | New Hall of Fame Member
  The Water Gardens of FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT by Derek Fell  
  Carlos Magdalena, RBG Kew, Visits Florida, Meets with Leading Hybridizers  

Directory of Botanical Gardens With Aquatics Displays
Botanical Garden Feature Articles 
  Missouri Botanical Garden - IWGS Post-Symposium 2000 
  Longwood Gardens 2002 by Doug Kevis
  Denver Botanic Gardens by Mike Thomas  
  Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens by Stephyn Butcher
  Berlin Botanical Gardens by Jamie Vande 
  Surprising Staunton Country Park, England By Chris Bailey 
  Atlanta Botanical Garden - Sean Hoelscher's Victorias
with more images by Rich Sacher & Kevin Joyce
  Atlanta Botanical Garden's 2004 Chihuly Glass Exhibition by Sean Hoelscher 
  Atlanta Botanical Garden 2004 Aquatics Display & Chihuly Glass Exhibition 
by Rich Sacher & Kevin Joyce
  New Orleans Botanical Garden - by Rich Sacher 
  New Orleans Botanical Garden 2004 Spring Aquatics Display - by Rich Sacher
  New Orleans Botanical Garden 2005 After Hurricane Katrina by Rich Sacher
  Augsburg Botanical Garden by Werner Wallner
  Botanical Garden of München - Nymphenburg - Gallery by Werner Wallner 
  Reiman Gardens 2003 Iowa State University - Photos & Text by Ed Moran 
  McKee Botanical Garden, Vero Beach, Florida USA - by Kit Knotts
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
  McKee Botanical Garden November 2004 (After the Hurricanes) - by Rich Sacher
  Flecker Botanic Gardens, Cairns, Queensland, Australia - Photos by Nan Bailey 
  Chihuly Glass and the Magnificent Glasshouses at the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2005
- Photos by C.J. Hurricks 
  Within San Francisco's Golden Gate Park -
Botanical Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, Japanese Tea Garden

Images by Pong Tip Keng  
  Se-Miwon Watergardens, South Korea - Text by Max Gordon - Images by Lim Gi Youl
  Domenico Montevecchi's Giardino Botanico "Villa Bricherasio", Italy
Images by Enrica Montevecchi and Luca Lubatti
  Lotusland in Winter Images by Dave Brigante 
  The Ponds of Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois USA
Images by Steven Kaliski, Propagator of Aquatics 
  White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo - by Susan Micks  
  From WGI ONLINE Journal - Royal Botanic Gardens, Hope
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies,
by Calvin Chong 
  From WGI ONLINE Journal - Propagation areas at the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh - Images by Pat Clifford, Senior Horticulturist 
  From WGI ONLINE Journal -
The Oregon Garden The Oregon Garden Wetlands | Wetland Research
Water Quality Research | Barley Straw Algae Control Research
  Aquatics at The Sarah P. Duke Gardens - Photos by Rich Sacher and Kevin Joyce 
  The Water Features of Longwood Gardens - Photos by Alan Montour  
  Water Gardeners International Spotlights Denver Botanic Gardens 
  Water Features at the Getty Villa, Malibu, California USA - by Pam Spindola 
  Victoria, its New House and its History at Adelaide Botanic Gardens
by Jeremy Prentice and Lyn Dargusch 

Special Places 
  Images From Arnham Land, Australia by Dave Wilson 
  Field Trip To Lake St. Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
by Jacques Gerber 
  La Gran Sabana of Venezuela, "The Lost World" by Fernando Santos
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expeditions 2000-2001 by Andre Leu 
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expedition 2002  by Andre Leu
  A Visit To Amazonia, Iquitos, Peru - July 2003 by Dorothy Whittembury
  Field Trip To St. Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
2003 - Mfabeni Swamp by Jacques Gerber 
  Fagertärn, Sweden, Home of Nymphaea alba var. rubra
Photos by Nick Diaz - Courtesy of Charles Thomas
  "Tegualda" Colombia - It's garden, ponds and orchids
Guillermo Angulo's Galleries Main
Victoria Main | Bathtub Victoria | First Flower | Bathtub Victoria Moves | Second Life | 2002 | Third Life | 2004
Aquatic Images | 2001 | 2003 | 2004
Garden Images | 2001 | 2002 - 1 | 2002 - 2 | 2003 | 2004
Orchids | 2001 | 2002 - 1 | 2002 - 2 | 2003 - 1 | 2003 -2 | 2003 - 3 | 2004 - 1 | 2004 - 2 |
2004 - 3 | 2004 - 4 | 2004 - 5
A New Orchid Discovered in the Asphalt Jungle
Index of Orchid Images 
Galleries by year - 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004
  New Orchid Discovered in the Asphalt Jungle by Guillermo Angulo
  Stroll Through Bangkok's Market by KK Agrawal 
  Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical, Venezuela by Juli Carbonell & Dorothy Whittembury 
  The Conservatories at Gaylord Palms Resort - Images by Rich Sacher & Kit Knotts
  Tour of Tasmania by John Sou 
  Water Gardening In Finland by Tapani and Seija Mäenpää 
  The Korean Garden of Byoung Sup Ghill - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
  Flora of Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu by Pong Tip Keng
  Corroboree Billabong, Northern Territory, Australia
with naturally occurring white Nelumbo nucifera by Dave Wilson 
  Over Night Transformation of the pond at the
University of New Orleans
- by Rich Sacher
  Lakeside Gardens - from the Slide Collection of Clyde Ikins 
  A Visit to the Waterlily Farm of
Dr. Slearmlarp (Sam) Wasuwat, Thailand
by Byoung Sup Ghill 
  OzPond 2005 Pre-Symposium Tour - Text & photos by Nan Bailey
  OzPond 2005 Informal Gathering & Awards Ceremony
Text by Noelene Pullen, photos by Nan Bailey 
  The Hyacinth Project and the Children of Malawi by Larry Nau 
  Nan and Dave Bailey Sail North Queensland's Gorgeous Coast by Nan Bailey 
  Winch Daughters Visit The Charles Winch Collection at New Orleans Botanical Garden 
  2006 Walderbacher Seerosentage - Waterlily Days at Walderbach 
  2006 Tour of Gardens in Germany, Italy and Austria
with Gesellschaft der Wassergarten-Freunde
  Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Images by Dr. Sureeya Tantiwiwat
  A fortuitous Internet search brings us new information
About Images from Dreer's Nurseries
The Riverton School Riverton Project
  The Making of a Pond in Spain by Emilio Vilaró, Tortosa, Catalonia  
  Waterbury, Connecticut's Palace Theater by Louis Belloisy 
  Our Trip to the Waterlilies of Belarus - Text and photos by Theo Germann 
  Hughes Water Gardens, Tualatin Oregon USA -
2008 Waterlily Festival, Invitational Art Show & Victoria Night
Complete 450K | For shorter download Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 
  2009 Waterlily Festival & Invitational Art Show
Hughes Water Gardens, Tualatin, Oregon USA 700 K - For shorter downloads
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Indoor Gallery & Lotus | Victoria Bloom Night 

Water Gardening's History (Main Page)
  Short History of Water Gardening 
  Water Gardening Timeline From fossils to fabulous hybrids with extensive links 
  "Tree" Relationships in time
  Biographies Index
Explorers, Naturalists, Collectors Joseph Banks | Aime Bonpland | Tadeáš Haenke
Alexander von Humboldt | Carl Linnaeus | Francis Masson | Eduard Poeppig

Robert Schomburgk
Botanists William T. Baxter | Augustin de Candolle | Henry S. Conard
Charles Daubeny | John Lindley | Jules Emile Planchon
Hybridizers Carl Bouché | William F. Dreer | James Gurney | Antoine Lagrange | Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac | Eduard Ortgies - German - English | Joseph Paxton
George H. Pring | Edmund D. Sturtevant | William Tricker
Plates from Dreer's Garden Books
Tower Grove Park's James Gurney and Family Album
provided by his great-great-great-granddaughter Peggy Ward
Horticulturists & Nurserymen Louis Van Houtte
Horticultural Writers Charles Antoine Lemaire
The History of Hybrid Waterlilies
  Index of Historical Articles 
  Antique Illustrations Galleries Index 
  The Twentieth Century
Visit to Lilypons by Dr. G. L. Thomas, Jr.
An excerpt from Garden Pools, Waterlilies, and Goldfish, 1958
The Rock That Made The Ripples - Charles B. Thomas

Pond & Garden Magazine Archive (Introductory Page)
  Partial index to articles by topic 
  Volume 1 Number 1
Cover_v1-1.pdf 546K
Vol1_No1CalendarSection.pdf 70K
Vol1_No1pages1-21.pdf 286K
Vol1_No1pages22-41.pdf 973K
Vol1_No1pages42-63.pdf 729K
Vol1_No1pages64-77.pdf 698K
Vol1_No1pages78-96.pdf 505K

 Volume 1 Number 3
Vol1_No3_001_021.pdf 112K
Vol1_No3_084_085.pdf 49K
Vol1_No3_086_104.pdf 87K


  Volume 1 Number 4
Vol1_No4_Cover.pdf 192K
Vol1_No4_001_019.pdf 85K
Vol1_No4_020_043.pdf 757K
Vol1_No4_044_059.pdf 661K
Vol1_No4_060_087.pdf 1,049K
Vol1_No4_088_104.pdf 69K
Volume 1 Number 5
Vol1_No5_Cover.pdf 173K
Vol1_No5_001_021.pdf 122K
Vol1_No5_022_045.pdf 758K
Vol1_No5_046_067.pdf 846K
Vol1_No5_068_087.pdf 802K
Vol1_No5_088_104.pdf 99K
  Volume 1 Number 6
Vol1_No6_Cover.pdf 109K
Vol1_No6_001_041.pdf 627K
Vol1_No6_042_057.pdf 794K
Vol1_No6_058_075.pdf 464K
Vol1_No6_076_095.pdf 967K
Vol1_No6_096_112.pdf 62K
Volume 2 Number 1
Vol2_No1_001_047.pdf 649K
Vol2_No1_048_067.pdf 752K
Vol2_No1_068_079.pdf 558K
Vol2_No1_080_095.pdf 437K
Vol2_No1_096_112.pdf 71K
  Volume 2 Number 2
Vol2_No2_Cover.pdf 343K
Vol2_No2_001_049.pdf 802K
Vol2_No2_050_067.pdf 660K
Vol2_No2_068_075.pdf 309K
Vol2_No2_076_095.pdf 715K
Vol2_No2_096_112.pdf 137K
 Volume 2 Number 3
Vol2_No3_Cover.pdf 197K
Vol2_No3_001_047.pdf 600K
Vol2_No3_048_067.pdf 649K
Vol2_No3_068_075.pdf 266K
Vol2_No3_076_096.pdf 858K
Vol2_No3_097_112.pdf 134K
  Volume 2 Number 4
Vol2_No4_Cover.pdf 98K
Vol2_No4_001_043.pdf 720K
Vol2_No4_044_069.pdf 1,049K
Vol2_No4_070_079.pdf 450K
Vol2_No4_080_097v2.pdf 521K
Vol2_No4_098_112.pdf 59K
Volume 2 Number 5
Vol2_No5_Cover.pdf 158K
Vol2_No5_001_043.pdf 488K
Vol2_No5_044_067.pdf 848K
Vol2_No5_068_081.pdf 663K
Vol2_No5_082_0101.pdf 220K
Vol2_No5_102_112.pdf 28K 
  Volume 2 Number 6
Vol2_No6_Cover.pdf 505K
Vol2_No6_001_037.pdf 429K
Vol2_No6_038_049.pdf 526K
Vol2_No6_050_061.pdf 639K
Vol2_No6_062_079.pdf 983K
Vol2_No6_80_96.pdf 52K
Volume 3 Number 1
Vol3_No1_Cover.pdf 490K
Vol3_No1_001_041.pdf 556K
Vol3_No1_042_049.pdf 267K
Vol3_No1_050_059.pdf 371K
Vol3_No1_060_079.pdf 324K
Vol3_No1_80_96.pdf 52K
  Volume 3 Number 2
Vol3_No2_Cover.pdf 419K
Vol3_No2_001_030.pdf 227K
Vol3_No2_031_049.pdf 604K
Vol3_No2_050_063F.pdf 363K
Vol3_No2_064_085.pdf 373K
Vol3_No2_80_96.pdf 52K
Volume 3 Number 3
Vol3_No3_Cover.pdf 459K
Vol3_No3_1-43.pdf 9,809K
Vol3_No3_044_053.pdf 876K
Vol3_No3_054_063.pdf 776K
Vol3_No3_064_079.pdf 1,895K
Vol3_No3_80_96.pdf 1,432K
  Helen Nash's Baker's Dozens.pdf 1,022K 

Pond Profiles
      Pond Tour - Brisbane by Sheila Tierney 
Silver Lining by Sheila Tierney 
      Replanting The Botany Department Pond
University of Pretoria, in South Africa by Jacques Gerber
The Pond's Progress January 2003 

Pond Building & Maintenance
  Materials for your Water Garden by Joel Police
  Pond Building With Concrete Paradise Style by Kit Knotts  
  Building Dune by Kit Knotts 
  Building The Pod Pools by Kit Knotts
  Stone Borders & Walkways by Kit Knotts 
  Stone Top and Face for a Raised Pond by Kit Knotts
  Finding and Fixing Leaks in Concrete Ponds by Kit Knotts 
  All About Flexible Liners by Joel Police 
  Fixing A Leak In Your Liner by Duane Eaton 
  Building Liner Ponds by Rich Sacher 
  Building An Above Ground Display Pond by Sean Stevens
Sean's Ponds & Patio Garden / Tutorials
  Building A Concrete Pond In Panama by Carla Black & Angel Rodriguez
  Benches For Around The Pond by Walt Whybrew
  Building One Of Rich's Quick Liner Ponds by Kit & Ben Knotts
  Building Moon  by Kit & Ben Knotts
  Mohd Helmi Daud, Malaysia, Builds a New Pond!
  All About Pipe for your Water Garden by Joel Police  

Water Gardening Indoors 
  Home Greenhouses by Lou Belloisy   
  Building an Indoor Pond for the Budget Conscious by James Horne 
  Luminary Prospects - Water Gardening Under Artificial Light by Sean Stevens 
  Lighting For Growing Plants Indoors
A detailed analysis of HID efficiency by James Horne 
  Water Gardening in a Basement Greenhouse by Stuart Culp 
  Building an Outdoor Greenhouse in Central New York by Stuart Culp 
Water Gardening Clubs Directory

  From WGI ONLINE Journal - Forming a Water Garden Club by Duane Eaton, Texas USA


Waterlilies Main Page 

Waterlily Master Index to Articles 
Introduction to Waterlilies

Image Galleries - Thousands of images by name and/or photographer 
  Day Blooming Tropical Cultivars (Brachyceras) Complete 960K
For shorter download
A | B | C-D | E-H | I-J | K-L | M | N-Pe | Pi-Q | R | S | T-Z
  Brachyceras Species Images  
  Hardy Cultivars (Nymphaea) Complete 998K 
For shorter download
A | B-C | D-E-F | G-H-I | J-K-L | M
N-O | P-Pe | Pe-Py | Q-R | S-T | U-Z 
  Nymphaea Species Images 
  Night Blooming Tropical Cultivars (Lotos) 78K 
  Lotos Species Images 
  Hydrocallis Species Images 
  Day Blooming Tropical Cultivars (Anecphya - The Australians) 56K 
  Anecphya Species Images 
  Antique Illustrations of Waterlilies 1500-1910
Page 1 - Circa 1500 - 1800 | Page 2 - Circa 1800 - 1830 | Page 3 - Circa 1830 - 1870
The First Hybrids & Their Parents - Circa 1850-1860 | Page 4 - Circa 1870-1920

The Next Hybrids & Their Parents Circa 1870-1910
Plates From Conard's The Waterlilies 1905
  List of Currently Accepted Nymphaea Species With Links to Images  
  Galleries By Photographer (Main)
KK Agrawal Galleries Main 
Hardy Waterlilies 1 | Hardy Waterlilies 2 | Hardy Waterlilies 3
Hardy Waterlilies 4 | Hardy Waterlilies 5 | Tropical Waterlilies 1
Tropical Waterlilies 2 | Lotus Pond
Billy Bates 
Dieter Bechthold Gallery of Cultivars | New Introductions 2003 | Garden Images 
New Introductions 2004 | New Introductions 2005
Lou Belloisy's "Up Close" Gallery 1 | Gallery 2
Mauro Bergamo - The Collection of Manlio Calvisi Gallery Main
Hardy Waterlilies Complete Gallery 300+K
For shorter download A-B | C-F | G-L | M-P | R-Z
Tropical Waterlilies
 Complete Gallery 150K
For shorter download A-F
| G-Z
Hybrids by Manlio Calvisi
2005 Introductions

Nelumbo (Lotus)
Nursery Calvisi - Water Plants Italy
Jessica Clements Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 
Garden Images From Indonesia by Richard Harlan
  C. Barre Hellquist's Anecphya Galleries
Gallery 1 - New species 2006 N. alexii, N. carpentariae, N. georginae
Gallery 2 - N. atrans, N. gigantea, N. hastifolia
Gallery 3 - N. immutabilis, N. immutabilis subsp. kimberleyensis, N. macrosperma
Gallery 4 - N. violacea
The Clyde Ikins Collection of Aquatic Images
Hardy Waterlilies
Complete Gallery
(1+ M - Not recommended for dialup connections)
For shorter downloads - A | B-Ch | Cl-D | E-G | H-J | K-L | M | N-O | P-Ph | Pi-Py | Q-Ri | Ro-Ry | S | T-Z
Tropical Day Blooming Waterlilies
Complete Gallery
For shorter downloads - A-D | E-G | H-M | N-Re | Rh-Z

Tropical Night Blooming Waterlilies Complete 
Gallery of Waterlily Images by Valeria Kivshar
James Knock's Tribute to the Brilliance of Kirk Strawn
Introduction and Individual Galleries of 41 Strawn Cultivars
Gallery Index Complete 300K
For shorter downloads:
N. 'Barbara Davies' through N. 'Clyde Ikins'
N. 'Colorado' through N. 'Liou'
N. 'Little Sue' through N. 'Pink Pumpkin'
N. 'Pink Sparkle' through N. 'Yuh Ling'
Pretty Pairs by Kit Knotts Pretty Pairs II
A June Day in our Garden by Kit Knotts
Happy New Year from our garden 2008 - Kit & Ben Knotts
Summer Waterlily Sampler by Kit Knotts
 Andre Leu's Gallery Main 
Anecphya Gallery 2001-2 | 2003 - N. elleniae | N. gigantea
N. immutabilis subsp. immutabilis | N. violacea
Undescribed Possible New Species or N. hastifolia
New Hybrids of N. 'Andre Leu' x N. violacea 
 Introductions by Christian Meyer
William Phillips 
Craig Presnell 
Andreas Protopapas Gallery Main 
Complete Gallery (722K)
For shorter downloads - Gallery A | Gallery B-C | Gallery D-F | Gallery G-J | Gallery L-M | Gallery N-P | Gallery Q-S | Gallery T-Z
Hybrids by Andreas Protopapas
Patti Rose - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2
Rich Sacher 
Fernando Santos
Perry Slocum Galleries Main
Tropical Day Bloomers (Complete 167K)
Shorter downloads A-M | O-Z
Tropical Day Bloomers 2 (Complete 297K)
Shorter downloads A-C | D-L | M-P | R-Z
Tropical Night Bloomers (Complete 47K)
Hardy Waterlilies (Complete 375K)
Shorter downloads A-Fi | Fl-Pe | Pe-Re | Re-Z
Pairat Songpanich - Index of Galleries and Articles
Pairat Songpanich's Galleries of Waterlily, Lotus and Victoria Images
Hardy Nymphaea - Complete 400K
For shorter downloads - A-D | E-L | M-O | P-Z
Tropical Day Bloomers | Tropical Night Bloomers | Nelumbo | Victoria
Diversity of Waterlily Seedlings in a Single Hybridization
More Diversity of Waterlily Seedlings in a Single Hybridization

The Waterlily: View Through the Lens of Pairat Songpanich
Introducing Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy' - The World's First Blue Hardy Waterlily
The Waterlily: View Through the Lens II of Pairat Songpanich
John Sou
Werner Wallner Galleries Main
Sampler Gallery 1 Hardies | Sampler Gallery 2 Hardies
Sampler Gallery 3 Tropicals | Sampler Gallery 4 Hardies
Gallery of Waterlily Diagnostic Images
Index of Images from Walderbach
  Australians in Malaysia - Photos by Tuckfook Ng
  Test Your Knowledge of Tropical Waterlilies - Photos by Tuckfook Ng 
  A Look at the 2005 IWGS Competition Waterlilies
  The Charles Winch Collection displayed at New Orleans Botanical Garden 2006
Introduction by Noelene Pullen & Margaret Edwards
Galleries Main
  Thai Hybridizers Top 2007 IWGS Best New Waterlily Competition 
  A "Sea" of Australian Waterlilies in Central Queensland - Images by Frances Cottrell-Dormer 

Provenance of Images - Introduction & Index

Buyer Beware! - What's in a name? by Rich Sacher 

Named Waterlilies Introductory Page More than 1,700 listings with type, description, parents, synonyms, links to images, links to extra information, etc.
  Names A-Z 2+M, not recommended for dialup connections
For shorter downloads:
A-Al | Am-Az | B-Bi | Bl-Bu | C-Ce | Ch-Cy | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K
L-Le | Li- Ly | M-Mar | Mas-My | N | O | P-Pe | Ph-Pi | Pl-Py-Q | R-Ri
Ro-Ru | S-So | Sp-Sy | T | U-V | W-X | Y-Z |
  Names Not Accepted
  Addenda - tidbits about waterlily names not found on other pages
The Saga of Blue Beauty - by Walter Pagels 
. 'Darwin' & 'Hollandia'
N. 'Eastern Moon'
N. 'Fabiola', 'Mrs, Richmond', 'Pink Beauty', 'Odorata Luciana'
N. 'George L. Thomas' - by Charles B. Thomas
N. 'James Gurney'
N. 'John Wedgwood'
Viviparous tropical night bloomers N. lasiophylla and N. prolifera
N. 'Laydekeri Alba'
N. 'Laydekeri Rosea' & N. 'Laydekeri Rosea Prolifera' - by Andreas Protopapas
N. 'Maria' - by Andreas Protopapas
N. 'Mosaique', Latour-Marliac's lost gem
N. 'Mrs. Robert Sawyer' & N. 'Independence' - by Walter Pagels
The enigmatic N. petersiana & N. lotus
N. 'Stanley Angus Skinger'
The Issue of Nymphaea 'Odorata Sulphurea Grandiflora' and N. 'Sunrise' (Complete 650K - Not recommended for dail up connections - for shorter download click here to begin) by Andreas Protopapas
  People, Places and Plants of the PCL  
  List of Kirk Strawn Cultivars 
  List of Perry Slocum Cultivars compiled by Charles B. Thomas 

Waterlily Cultivation Index to Articles  
   The Difference Between Tropicals and Hardies
   Quick Guide To Growing Tropical Waterlilies - by Rich Sacher
   Growing & Propagating Hardy Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts
   Potting Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts  
   Waterlily Planting Instructions - by Sharyn Munn
   Growing From Seed - by Kit Knotts  
  Should I Grow From Seed or Rhizome? or The Truth About Plants Grown From Both
   Growing Tropicals From Tuber - by Kit Knotts  
   Tropical Waterlily Tuber Propagation by Sean Stevens
   Tuber Production of Tropical Waterlilies - by Walter Pagels
   Tubering Tropical Waterlilies In Warm Climates by Kit Knotts
   Viviparous Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts  
   Viviparity in the hardy waterlily 'Colonel A.J. Welch' - Photos by Werner Wallner
   Viviparous Tropical Waterlily Propagation - by Sean Stevens
   Repotting Overgrown Tropical Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts
   "Chop and Drop" of a Large Tropical Waterlily - by Kit Knotts
   Dividing Tropical Waterlilies - by Kit Knotts  
  Overwintering Tropical Waterlilies - by Rich Sacher
  Overwintering Tropical Waterlily Tubers by Members of our Email Discussion List
  Winterizing Tropical Waterlilies
With Tips for the Rest of the Year by Bob Meyer, Illinois USA 
  Thinning Night Blooming Tropicals by Kit Knotts  
  Hardy Waterlily Germination Study - by Don Stevens
  Caterpillar Attack! - by Kit Knotts
How to identify and control the larvae that afflict waterlilies
  Growing Waterlilies In Dixie Cups by Sean Stevens 
  Fertilizing Adult Waterlilies
  Fertilizing Waterlily Seedlings
  Germinating Hardy Waterlily Seeds by John Blagg 
  From WGI ONLINE Journal -
Growing Tropical Waterlily Seedlings in The Basement by Lou Belloisy 
  Chance Seedlings, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Charles Leach
  Fasciation in a Tropical Waterlily Tuber by Rich Sacher    
Australian Subgenus Anecphya Index to Articles and Galleries
  Introduction to Anecphya, the Australian Subgenus of Waterlilies  
  Growing Australian Tropical Waterlilies (Anecphya) 
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expeditions 2000-2001 by Andre Leu
  Field Collecting Australian Water Lilies - Expedition 2002  by Andre Leu 
  Key to the Identification of the Australian water lily subgenus Anecphya 
  The Normanton Lilies - A New Species? by Andre Leu 
  New Australian Waterlily Species Named November, 2005 by Andre Leu 
  Nymphaea hastifolia (subgenus Anecphya) Photos and Field Notes by Dave Wilson
  Guide to Anecphya Seed & Seedling Cultivation by William Phillips  
  Waterlily Hunting in Queensland by Nan Bailey 
  Australian Native Waterlilies Near Cooktown, Queensland - by Nan Bailey  
Waterlily Family Tree - Family relationships with links to taxonomy and images
  New Waterlily Family Relationships 2007   
How To Make Hybrids   
  Make Your Own New Hybrid by Kit Knotts  
  From Conception To Bloom Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 - by Craig Presnell
  Hybridizing Tropical Water Lilies by Rich Sacher  
  Parents For Waterlily Hybrids - compiled by Werner Wallner
  How To Name A New Cultivar   
  Hybridizing of Tropical Waterlilies by Charles A. Winch
Paper presented during the Third International Waterlily Symposium held at Denver in August 1987
  Water Lily Hybridization by Kirk Strawn, PhD
  Diversity of Waterlily Seedlings in a Single Hybridization by Pairat Songpanich
  More Diversity of Waterlily Seedlings in a Single Hybridization - by Pairat Songpanich 
Special Articles  
  The Miracle Man's Miracle Plant
The World's First Documented Hybrid Between Two Subgenera Of Nymphaea
  The Saga of Blue Beauty - by Walter Pagels
  Waterlily Chromosome Counts - by Walter Pagels
  Guide To Photographing Waterlilies - by Lou Belloisy
  "Thousand Petals" - by Eiji Nitasaka
  'Mrs. Robert Sawyer' or 'Independence'? - by Walter Pagels
  Waterlilies As Cut Flowers - Seerosen als Schnittblumen
By Kit Knotts - Translated to German by Werner Wallner 
  Waterlilies for Cutting - by Christian Meyer
  Mysteries of Waterlily Identification   
  2003 Waterlily Days At Walderbach, Germany - by Werner Wallner
  The Home of Nymphaea alba var. rubra
Photos by Nick Diaz - Courtesy of Charles Thomas
  The Best Way To Pick Waterlilies - Werner Wallner's Method 
  The Ponds of Nymphaion - Gallery by Werner Wallner
  Nymphaea 'Trouble-Freeia' A new species of Nymphaea? by K.K. Agrawal
  New Proposed Hybrid of Anecphya & Brachyceras by Yasuhiro Satou - Nymphaea 'Yasuhiro'  
  Proposed New Anecphya/Brachyceras Hybrid by Mio Sato, Japan 
  Winners of Competitions for Waterlilies 1997 - 2008   
Historical Articles  
   The History of Hybrid Waterlilies by Kit Knotts Part 1 | Part 2  
  1852-1853, NYMPHÆA ORTGIESIANO-RUBRA - French - English
  1856, NYMPHÆAS by Maxwell Masters, The Gardeners' Chronicle, May 24
  1857, Die Bouché'schen Nymphäen-Blendlinge - German
(The Bouché Nymphaea Hybrids) - English
by Professor Dr. Karl Koch, Allgemeine Gartenzeitung
  1887, JULY 23. Canary Water Lily. by William Robinson, THE GARDEN.  
by Maurice-L. Vilmorin,  Revue horticole
Extract from a paper read by M. Latour-Marliac before the Royal Horticultural Society, August 9, 1898. 
  1905, The Waterlilies, Chapter VII by Henry S. Conard
  1912, Oxford Gardens, Glass-houses, No. 6. The Water-lily House by R.T. Günther, M.A.
  1912, Aquiculture Lagrange Complete Catalogue
 Reference Resources  


Lotus (Nelumbo) Main Page 

Introduction to Lotus
The Habitat and Habit of Wild Nelumbo
Index to Cultivation and Other Articles
Image Galleries Main 
  Lotus Cultivar Galleries (400K) 
For shorter downloads A-G | H-M | N-S | T-Z 
  Lotus Species Images 
  Lotus - Sprout To Bloom In Images
  Galleries by Photographer 
Perry Slocum's Gallery (For shorter download A-Mo | Mr-Z)
Hideshi Sobue's Galleries Main
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4 | Gallery 5 | Gallery 6 | Gallery 7
Werner Wallner's Gallery 1  | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4
N. 'Siska Kurniawan' by Richard Harlan
Lotus Images by Billy Bates
Perry's Water Gardens, Franklin , North Carolina - Images by Bill Cherry
The Clyde Ikins Collection Lotuses (Nelumbo) Complete Gallery (200K)
For shorter downloads
A-N | O-Z
Lotus Images by Christian Meyer
Diversity of Seedlings in a Single Cross of Nelumbo by Christian Meyer
Lotus Names Introductory Page
Nearly 700 names with color, type and links to images 
  Lotus Names A-Z - 1M - Not recommended for dialup connections  
For shorter download A-B | C-D | E-G | H-K | L-M | N | O-Q | R-S | T-W | X | Y-Z | List of Lotus Varieties used primarily for the production of Seed and Vegetable Roots
  Bibliography for Lotus Names List 
Lotus Seeds
A special book, "The Lotus Seed", inspires A Special Lotus Growing Program For Kids 
  Basic Guide To Growing Lotuses by Kit Knotts
  Growing Nelumbo (Lotus) From Seed & Seedling Cultivation by Walter Pagels 
  Nelumbo (Lotus) 2001 Germination Experiment & Seedling Growth
- by Walter Pagels 
  Lotus - Guidelines for Growing from Seed by Babs Ellinwood 
  Winter Care For Lotus by Members of our Email Discussion List  
  Baby Lotus - Winter Care by Babs Ellinwood 
Specialty Articles
  The Whybrew Family's Lotus Growing Adventure 
  "Thousand Petals" by Eiji Nitasaka 
  The Lotus Effect Text by and images by David Wurtz 
  The Little Nelumbo That Could! by Juli Carbonell, Caracas, Venezuela  
  From Homer's Odyssey - The Lotus-eaters
provided by Werner Wallner Greek | English | German 


Aquatic & Marginal Plants Main Page 

Image Galleries 
  A-L Complete 1.6M (Not recommended for dialup connections)
  M-Z Complete 1.3M (Not recommended for dialup connections)  
For shorter downloads
A-All | Alo-Ap | Ar-Az | B | C-Can | Car | Ce-Ci | Cl-Col
Cos-Cy | D-Ep | Eq-F | G | H-Ho | Hy
Iris Complete Gallery For shorter download A-L | M-Z
I-J-K | L-Lo | Lu-Ly | M-Mi | Mo-My | N-O | P-Pi | Po-Pre | Pri-Pu
Q-R| S-Sag | Sal-Sax | Sc-So | Sp-Ti | Tra-Ty | U-Z
  Galleries by Photographer
Dick Sloan's Louisiana Iris Suite
From The Heart | Contrasts | The Arkansas Hybridizers | From Australia
The Ladies | Hues | The Haymon Irises | The Species
My Introductions, Hybridizing, Seeds & Seedlings
 Dick Sloan gives simple directions for Collecting & Starting Louisiana Iris Seeds 
Rich Sacher's Gallery of Louisiana Iris
Werner Wallner's Gallery of Aquatic & Moisture Loving Plants Main
Sampler of Pretty Pictures 1 | Floating Plants
Plants For Shallow Water Complete 236K
- For shorter downloads A-E | F-P R-Z
Plants For Wet Soil Complete 328K
- For shorter downloads | A-C | D-I | J-L | M-Z
Plants For Moist Soil Complete 845K
- Shorter downloads A-B | C | D-F | G-H | I-K | L-O | P-Q | R-Sal | San-Sym | T-Z
Submerged Plants | Plants For Acid Soil | Tropical Aquatics
Sampler Gallery 2
Gallery 2003 Complete 580K
- For shorter downloads A | B-C | D-G | H-I | J-L | M-Q | R-S | T-Z
Gallery 2004 Complete Gallery 460K
- For shorter downloads
- A-C | D-H | I-M | N-R | S-Z
Kit Knotts' Sampler Gallery of Aquatic & Marginal Plants 
Sagittaria guayanensis (Sagittaria guyanensis) by Angel Rodriguez & Carla Black
Some Australian Native Aquatic Plants by Nan Bailey
 The Clyde Ikins Collection of Aquatic Images
Louisiana Irises Complete 400K
For shorter download A-Ch | Ch-J | K-Mar | May-Re | Ro-Z
with Historical and Hybridizing Notes by Dick Sloan
Aquatic Plants
Aquatic & Marginal Plants by Mauro Bergamo
Complete Gallery 660K
For shorter download A-Ca | Ce-H | I-N | O-R | S-Z
Water Irises by Mauro Bergamo
From WGI ONLINE Journal -
Aquatic Palms & Cycads Galleries by Michael Calonje
Louisiana Iris Galleries by Pieter van der Walt
Complete - 500K For shorter downloads - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4
Moisture-loving Irises in Italy by Roberto Pellegrini 
Index of Images by Botanical Name with links to images
   Index of Louisiana Iris Images

Index to Articles
Special Articles 
  THE Smallest Flowering Plants - The Genus Wolffia by Kit Knotts
  Fecundity in Nymphoides - By David Curtright  
  The Genera Nymphoides and Villarsia - By David Curtright 
  About Elephant Ears by Horace Hobbs
  Storage and Germination of Seeds of Aquatic Plants
Excerpted from an article by W.C. Muenscher, 1936, by Don Stevens 
  Introducing Aquatic Palms by Jorge Monteverde 

From WGI ONLINE Journal -
WGI Online is, for the most part, for members only. Joining is free, no strings attached. Some issues are open to the public. The links below take you to the cover of the issue, and then to the articles.
Carnivorous Plants For In and Around Your Water Garden Vol. 1.2 
Go With What Works  Vol. 1.2
The Wild Wacky World of Variegated Water Plants Vol. 1.3
The Alure of Aponogeton distachyos Vol. 1.3
A widening array of versatile aquatic plants Color Me Summer! Vol. 1.4
Heliconias that like Wet Feet Vol. 1.4  
Crinum campanulatum Vol. 2.1
Plants to improve Your Winter Reflection Vol. 2.1
The Samaan Grove Wetland System Vol. 2.2
Notes on Echinodorus macrophyllus Vol. 2.2
The Moist Soil Garden Vol. 2.3
China Tackles the Water Hyacinth Vol. 2.4
Cobras Are Found in Oregon! Vol. 2.4
The truly aquatic Crinum natans Vol. 3.1
Terrestrial Plants for the Pond Vol. 3.2
The surprising floral explosion of Camas Lilies Vol. 3.2
Water Hyacinth Claims More Victims in Africa Vol. 3.3
A Penchant for Papyrus Vol. 3.3
Hymenocallis coronaria - Spider Lilies Writ Large Vol. 3.4

The Art of Aquatic Cooking - Recipes Index 
  Culinary and Herbal Uses of Aquatic Plants - by Rev. Charles H. Overton, UK
  Water Hawthorn Stew - Jacques Gerber, Pretoria, South Africa 
  Taro Basics | Taro Burgers | Chicken or Squid Luau | Laulau
Asta Miklius, Volcano, Hawai'i 
  Lotus Tuber Basics | Lotus Tuber Chicken Soup & Chicken in Plum Sauce
Fish & Lotus Tuber Stir Fry | Lotus Tuber Tempura
Bean Sprout & Lotus Tuber Stir Fry with Crispy Bacon - Tuckfook Ng, Penang, Malaysia
  Lotus Leaf Wrapped Fish with Fresh Mango Salsa - Kit & Ben Knotts, Florida, USA 
  Chart of Edible Aquatics | Vietnamese Cilantro Salsa | Cinnamon Wild Rice Pudding
Chameleon Wild Rice Salad & Wasabi Vinaigrette | Cattail Biscuits | Full Bloom Dip
Daylily Blueberry Pancakes - by Cathy Wilkinson Barash, Iowa USA


 Water Gardening Friends
Profiles of water gardeners around the world

 Main Introduction to the section and newest profiles
 Page 1 > K.K.Agrawal (India), Guillermo Angulo (Colombia), Michael Avishai (Israel), Nan Bailey (Australia), Billy Bates & Steve Kennon (Mississippi USA), Dieter Bechthold (Germany), Lou Belloisy (Connecticut USA), Karine Belotti (France), Norman Bennett (United Kingdom), Mauro Bergamo & Manlio Calvisi (Italy), Kathy Biggs (California USA) Dr. Monroe Birdsey (Florida USA), Dave Brigante (Oregon USA)
 Page 2 > Jessica Clements (Texas USA), Marilyn Cook & Helen Nash (Indiana USA), David & Mary Cook (United Kingdom & Kenya),  Nedra Crow (Missouri USA), David Curtright (California USA), John Dawes (United Kingdom & Spain), Pol Detienne (Belgium), Barbara & Larry Earl, (California USA), Duane Eaton (Texas USA), Babs Ellinwood (Florida USA), Mobola Eogbogbo (Nigeria), Chris Farmer (France)
 Page 3 > Derek Fell (Pennsylvaina USA), Raffaele Ferraro (Colombia), Soni Forsman (Minnesota USA), Bill Frase (Florida USA), Rainer & Suwanna Gaide (Thailand), Jacques Gerber (South Africa), Theo Germann, (Germany), Byoung Sup Ghill (South Korea), Hai Tran (Georgia USA), Danny, Noa, Tsafi and Haim of Hazorea Aquatics (Israel), Dr. Barre Hellquist (Massachusetts USA), Bill Heritage (United Kingdom), Aaron J. Hicks (Arizona USA)
 Page 4 > James Horne (Canada), Clyde Ikins (Texas USA), Huang Guozhen (China), Jaewon Jung (Korea), Kevin Kenny (Trinidad & Tobago), Angelika Kern (Austria), Tamara Kilbane (North Carolina USA), Kenneth Khoo (Malaysia), Emilio Latorre (Colombia), Andre Leu (Australia), Li Shu-juan (China), Pablo Maccor & Soledad Dethiou (Argentina), Carlos Magdalena (United Kingdom), Tim Matson (Vermont USA), Renata Mazzini (Brazil & United Kingdom), Christian Meyer (Germany), John & Mary Mirgon (Colorado USA)
 Page 5 > Fernando Molina O.M. (México), Alan Montour (Maryland USA), Tom Naylor (Florida, USA), Charlie Northcroft (Australia), Warner Orozco-Obando (Costa Rica & Alabama USA), Dr. Jeff Osborn (Missouri USA), Walter Pagels (California USA), William Phillips (Tennessee USA), Craig Presnell (Florida USA), Andreas Protopapas (Cyprus), Angel Rodriguez & Carla Black (Panama), Patti & Doug Rose (California USA)
Page 6 >  Rich Sacher (Louisiana USA), Fernando Santos (Venezuela), Linda Siler (Missouri USA), Bernardette da Silva (Venezuela), Dick Sloan (Arkansas USA), Perry Slocum (Florida & North Carolina USA), Hideshi Sobue (Japan), Pairat Songpanich (Thailand), Josh Spece (Iowa USA), Pam Spindola (California, USA), Janice Mason Steeves (Canada)
Page 7 >  Sean Stevens (Canada), Dr. Kirk Strawn (Texas USA), Steve Stroupe (Alabama USA), Joe Summers (Missouri USA), Philip Swindells (United Kingdom), Daike Tian (China and USA), The Tierneys (Australia), Charles B. Thomas (Pennsylvania USA), Mike Thomas (Colorado USA), Tyler Tippin (Florida USA), Joe Tomocik (Colorado USA)
Page 8 > Piers Trehane (United Kingdom), François van Avondt (Belgium), Jamie Vande (Germany), Werner Wallner (Bavaria), Lady Susana Walton (Italy), Dr. Slearmlarp Wasuwat (Thailand), Randolph Weedman (Florida), Dorothy Whittembury (Venezuela), Dr. John Wiersema (Maryland USA), Charles Winch (Australia), Jack Wood (Arizona USA), John Wyman (North Carolina, USA), Gabriel & Carolina Zumstein (Argentina)


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N. "Lion" -  Unidentified tropicals in Trinidad/Tobago and Venezuela
2003 Winter Meeting of PIDEL - 2004 Winter Meeting of Pidel - 2005 Spring Pidel

Images from David Smith, UK, December 2004
The Variety of Seedlings of N. capensis Images by Christian Meyer Summer 2005


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