Our Adventure With Victoria


by Kit & Ben Knotts

As we revisit this Overview in March 2010, we are now looking back at our twelfth year as serious Victoria growers, seed producers and data collectors. It is just as much of an adventure as it was when we began. There is always something new to learn about Victoria, always a way to improve culture, always the allure of the fantastic pineapple fragrance. Maybe the thorns create a blood bond between Victoria and her caretakers.

This section of the web site reviews each year of our adventure, with details not found in other sections of the site -- things like plant and flower numbers, successes and failures, big and small things we've learned. It also discusses thing we want to do, things we want to know, things we speculate about. It is sequential, often with questions raised one year answered the next. We don't go back and rewrite.

It is really funny to look back at where we started, the thinking at the time and how much has changed. Even now, we sometimes lapse into Victoria conventions -- like the idea that there is a season. Granted the adult plants grow and bloom best in the warm months but we've never been without babies coming along. Just about the time the data collection and record keeping on the adult plants slow down, the baby records demand more.

Join us in the journey through all the misinformation and misconceptions that surrounded Victoria and in the learning process that has brought Victoria from a very rare and difficult plant to one that anyone can grow and enjoy in their own back yard pond.


  The Adventure Begins
Trash the Rule Book!
Vic Shrinks
Anatomy of Victoria Flowers


  It Begins Again
Adventure the Hybrid
Scope Stuff
The Ring Thing
The Enchanted Forest
Can It Happen?
Open The Door!


  A Very Bad Year  


  A Banner Year
Seeds of the Century
The Cruziana Clock
The Pollen Prof
Dissection of V. amazonica


  An Even Bigger Year
Roots Revisited
Crazy Cruziana 
Tracking C47B
2002 Victoria Image Galleries
"Adventure in Paradise" - 8M download,
not recommended for dailup connections
(If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, click here to download a viewer)


  We Like It Like This
Breakthrough! Seedling Survival
Roots Again - Incentive to use the Cocktail
A New Take On Victoria Species Germination &
Will The Real cruziana Please Stand Up
Victoria Galleries 2003


The Hurricanes
What Makes Victoria Seeds Sprout -- Or Not?
Survivor Paradise
Reflection Gallery Month By Month
Victoria Galleries 2004


DNA Study of Victoria Breeding Stock
What Makes Victoria Seeds Sprout? Revisited
The Tortoise or the Hare
2005 Galleries


The White One
Split Personality
Up in the Air
2006 Galleries 


Stranger and Stranger
Why Is That? (New plants for winter)
Speaking of Stalling
2007 Galleries


  Year of the Hare
The Astounding Growth Rate of Victoria cruziana
Still Stalled
Gallery of Miniatures


  Year of the (White) Tortoise
The White Ones in WGI Online 4.4
Carlos Magdalena Visits Florida



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