This section of the web site reviews each year of our adventure, with details not found in other sections of the site -- things like plant and flower numbers, successes and failures, big and small things we've learned. It also discusses things we want to do, things we want to know, things we speculate about. It is sequential, often with questions raised one year answered the next. We don't go back and rewrite.

Our Adventure With Victoria 2006

Our Victoria 'Adventure' was
Up in the Air

by Kit & Ben Knotts - Click images to enlarge

Good weather allowed us to install our December-started 'Adventure' in Reflection the middle of March. Always a star, it produced 73 flowers over the season. The middle of September, its crown began to grow above the surface of the water.

Most years, we start pushing the crown over before this happens, but this plant was very healthy, happy and well-anchored. We decided to see how long it would continue to thrive in this state.

October 5, 2006

October 16

November 1

November 30
New leaves and buds emerged from the crown into the air and curled thmselves downward into the water to develop. Finally in December, it stopped blooming, possibly from lower humidity "crisping" the buds. It was time to try a "chop and drop".

< Before chop and drop, plant floating, December 15.

The "trunk" pulled
out from under the
crown. >

< A cross-section of the trunk. The knife measures 15".

After chop and drop. The plant lived until January 15, 2007. >

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Up in the Air
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