Rich Sacher's "Bonsai" Victoria
Photos by Rich Sacher - Click to enlarge

Is Victoria suitable for small ponds? Absolutely! Over the summer of 2002, Rich Sacher of American Aquatic Gardens, New Orleans LA, grew this V. 'Longwood Hybrid' in a pot 16" in diameter by 7" deep. Its pads didn't exceed 40" but it bloomed regularly.

July 2002

September 2002

October 2002

Can Victoria be overwintered? Sometimes, in just the right circumstances. Late in November, Rich put his in a greenhouse, unpotted and set into muck on the pond bottom. He poured some fertilized soil over the center of the plant. It grew slowly but soon was bigger than when taken indoors. At the time Rich wondered, "Can we keep it growing through the shortest days of winter? Will it still be in good shape next spring? We will see..."

December 2002

Second day flower

January 2003

February 2003

<The Victoria is holding its own in the greenhouse. It blooms about once a week and the flowers stay open rather than closing during the day.

Here is the Victoria uprooted and about to be potted, destined for early display at the New Orleans Botanic Garden.>

March 2003

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