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Perry D. Slocum’s

Books and Cultivars of Waterlily, Lotus, Iris



Peter Dean Slocum, my good friend of more than half a century, gave me a package of notes—some handwritten, others typed—by his late father, Perry Dean Slocum. From these papers I compiled the cultivar epithet lists, and then compared them with Perry’s two Timber Press books and with the Victoria Adventure lists. More intensive research into his work would include checking old catalogs, magazines, and perhaps correspondence.


I make no claim that all of the cultivars named qualify for listing according to the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants protocol. For purposes of this compilation, Perry’s notes suffice for inclusion herein.


Kit Knotts of Cocoa Beach, Florida, compared my original draft lists with her extensive records (victoria-adventure.org) and discovered several hybrids and dates not included in Perry’s notes in my possession. These are included in the lists with credit to her V-A site whose Named Waterlilies and Named Lotuses sections include over 1,700 Nymphaea and nearly 700 Nelumbo names along with specific details concerning each one.


Walter Pagels of San Diego, California, greatly assisted me in this undertaking by kindly offering helpful suggestions regarding formatting of the information and taking into account ICNCP protocol details.


Usually, I would describe this kind of detailed task as boring. However, I found that compiling the lists became an enthralling undertaking. It has given me a deeper appreciation of Perry’s patience while sprouting all those seeds and his keen eye for any deviation he observed in his ponds.


Waterlily authorities question the possibility that Perry crossed hardy waterlilies with tropical waterlilies. He was aware that DNA testing could one day furnish a definitive answer. IWGS is considering funding for DNA testing of at least several such hybrids as this is being written. But Perry always insisted that he did use tropical waterlily pollen to successfully fertilize hardy waterlilies. In each case he classified the resulting waterlily as hardy. I make no judgment on this matter. Rather, I report here what I found in his notes. 


Peter joined me in writing Perry’s biography that was published in the first two 2005 issues of the IWGS Water Garden Journal. You may also read it at iwgs.org and victoria-adventure.org.


Charles B. Thomas, Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania 17214-0035 USA





D. day-blooming tropical waterlily

H. hardy waterlily

N. night-blooming tropical waterlily

V. victoria-adventure.org data.

W.G. Water Gardening by PDS

W.L. Water Lilies and Lotuses by PDS

(Year). As given in Perry’s notes or other sources. Not defined more specifically.

[Brackets]. Material from other than Perry’s notes.

Bold type cultivars meet ICNCP protocol.


Perry’s 3 Books


Perry D. Slocum, Waterlilies and Lotuses: Species, Cultivars, and New Hybrids, Portland, Oregon, USA, Timber Press, 2005.


Perry D. Slocum and Peter Robinson with Frances Perry, Water Gardening: Water Lilies and Lotuses, Portland, Oregon, USA, Timber Press, 1996.


Perry D. Slocum, Birds of North America and How to Photograph Them, Self-published by Perry D. Slocum in cooperation with the Florida Audubon Society, Winter Haven, Florida, USA, 1971.



Perry’s 83 Waterlily (Nymphaea) Cultivar Epithets



‘Almost Black’ H. (1993, [1994 V.]), ‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ x ‘Blue Beauty’

‘American Star’ H. (1985), ‘Rose Arey’ seedling       

‘Apple Blossom Pink’ H. (1988), unknown parentage [Chance seedling of ‘Perry’s Pink’ V.]

‘Black Princess’ H. (1994, [1995 V.] US Patent 09662), ‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ x ‘Pamela’

‘Bleeding Heart’ H. (1995) [Perry’s Water Gardens Catalog 1999 V.]

‘Blushing Bride’ H. (1997) possibly ‘Texas Dawn’ x ‘Perry’s Red Beauty’

Carolina Sunset’ H. (1991) ‘Texas Dawn’ seedling

‘Cherokee’ H. [syn. ‘Orange Hybrid’ W.G.] (1989), ‘Colonel A. J. Welch’ x ‘Aurora

‘Dorothy Pearl’ D. (1999), possibly ‘August Koch’ seedling

‘Double Light Yellow’ H. [2000 V.]

‘Fantastic Pink’ H. (1987), unknown parentage

‘Fireball’ H. (1994), possibly ‘Splendida’ x ‘Atropurpurea

Florida Sunset’ H. (1995), ‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ x  mexicana f. canaveralensis

‘Gold Metal’ H. (1991), ‘Texas Dawn’ seedling

‘Greg’s Orange Beauty’ H. (1996), possibly ‘Texas Dawn’ and ‘Perry’s Red Beauty’

‘Irene Heritage’ H. (1988), possibly ‘Atropurpurea’ seedling 

‘King of Blues’ D. (1955), capensis var. zanzibariensis seedling

‘Lily Pons’ H. (1992), possibly ‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ x ‘Gloire du Temple-sur-Lot

‘Little Champion’ H. [1997, odorata var. gigantea x ‘William Falconer’ V.]

‘Maroon Beauty’ N. (1950), seedling of ‘H. C. Haarstick

Mt. Shasta H. (1993), ‘Pink Starlet’ x ‘Queen of Whites’

‘Orange Hybrid’ H. [See ‘Cherokee’ WG.]

‘Orange Sunset’ H. [syn. ‘Perry’s Orange Sunset’ W.L.] (1996) [2000 V.] ‘Texas Dawn’ seedling x ‘Perry’s Red Beauty’

‘Peaches and Cream’ H. (1993, [1992, W.L.] US Plant Patent 09676), ‘Texas Dawn’ x ‘Perry’s Viviparous Pink’

‘Pearl of the Pool’ H. (1946, US Plant Patent 666), ‘Pink Opal’ x ‘Marliacea Rosea’

‘Perry’s Autumn Sunset’ H. (2003), possibly ‘Perry’s Orange Sunset’ x ‘Blushing Bride’

‘Perry’s Baby Orange H. [1996 V.]

‘Perry’s Baby Pink’ H. (2001), chance seedling

‘Perry’s Baby Red’ H. (1989), possibly ‘Alba Plenissima’ x ‘Atropurpurea

‘Perry’s Bicolor’ H. (1991 or 1992), unknown parentage

‘Perry’s Black Opal’ H. (1990), unknown parentage

‘Perry’s Blue Heaven’ D. (1991 or 1992), caerulea x ‘Evelyn Randig

‘Perry’s Cactus Pink’ H. (1990), possibly ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘American Star’

‘Perry’s Crinkled Pink’ H. (1989), ‘Glorie du Temple-sur-lot’ x ‘Vesuve’

‘Perry’s Darkest Red’ H. (1991 or 1992), unknown parentage

‘Perry’s Deepest Red’ H. (1990), unknown parentage [seedling of ‘Vesuve’ V.]

‘Perry’s Double Pink’ H. (1989), unknown parentage

‘Perry’s Double White’ H. (1990), ‘Tuberosa Richardsoni’ possibly x ‘Perry’s Super Red’

‘Perry’s Double Yellow’ H. (1996), ‘Texas Dawn’ seedling

‘Perry’s Dwarf Red’ H. [syn. ‘Perry’s Red Dwarf’ W.G.] (1989), possibly ‘Alba Plenissima’xAtropurpurea

‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ H. (1987), ‘Peter Slocum’ x ‘Director George T. Moore’

‘Perry’s Magnificent’ H. (1990), ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Director George T. Moore’

‘Perry’s Orange Sunset’ H. [syn. ‘Orange Sunset’ V.] (1996), ‘Texas Dawn’ seedling x ‘Perry’s Red Beauty’

‘Perry’s Pink’ H. (1984), ‘Rose Arey’ seedling

‘Perry’s Pink Beauty’ H. (1989), unknown parentage [possibly alba x ‘Vesuve’ V.]

‘Perry’s Pink Bicolor’ H. (1989), alba (from New Zealand) x ‘Pink Beauty’ (‘Fabiola’)

‘Perry’s Pink Delight’ H. (1990), possibly ‘Colonel A. J. Welch’ x ‘Splendida

‘Perry’s Pink Heaven’ H. (1990), possibly ‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ x ‘Pearl of the Pool’

‘Perry’s Red Beauty’ H. (1989), ‘Vesuve’ seedling

‘Perry’s Red Bicolor’ H. (1989), possibly ‘Vesuve’ seedling

‘Perry’s Red Blaze’ H. (1989), ‘Pearl of the Pool’ x ‘Charles de Meurville

‘Perry’s Red Dwarf’ H. [1992 V.] [See ‘Perry’s Dwarf Red’ W.G.]   

‘Perry’s Red Glow’ H. (1989), possibly ‘Alba Plenissima’ x ‘Atropurpurea

‘Perry’s Red Star’ H. (1989), ‘Vesuve’ x ‘Colonel A. J. Welch’

‘Perry’s Red Volunteer’ H. [syn. See ‘Perry’s Red Wonder’ W.G.]

‘Perry’s Red Wonder’ H. [syn. ‘Perry’s Red Volunteer’ W.G.] (1989), possibly from ‘Splendida

‘Perry’s Rich Rose’ H. (1990), ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Mrs. Martin E. Randig

‘Perry’s Ruby Red’ H. [syn. for ‘Ruby Red’ 2001, tetragona x ‘Perry’s Deepest Red’ V.]

‘Perry’s Stellar Red’ H. (1989), unknown parentage [possibly tuberosaRichardsonii’ No. 2 x ‘Charles de Meurville’ V.]

‘Perry’s Strawberry Pink’ H. (1989), possibly alba (from New Zealand) x ‘Vesuve

‘Perry’s Super Red’ H. (1989), ‘Charles de Meurville’ x ‘Gloire du Temple-sur-lot’

‘Perry’s Super Rose’ H. (1990), possibly ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Sirius’

‘Perry’s Super Yellow’ H. (1996), possibly ‘Texas Dawn’ x ‘Sirius’ [possibly x ‘Perry’s Red Beauty W.L.]

‘Perry’s Vivid Rose’ H. (1990), ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Pamela’

‘Perry’s Viviparous Pink’ H. (1990), ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Colonel A. J. Welch’

‘Perry’s White Star’ H. (1990), ‘Pink Starlet’ x ‘Pamela’

‘Perry’s White Wonder’ H. (1990), possibly tetragona x alba (from New Zealand)

‘Perry’s Wildfire’ H. (1990), ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Mrs. Martin E. Randig

‘Peter Slocum’ H. (1984), ‘Pearl of the Pool’ seedling

‘Pink Sensation’ H. (1947), seedling of ‘Lustrous’

‘Pride of Winter Haven D. [1977 V.]

‘Ray Davies’ H. (1985), seedling of ‘Rosanna’

‘Red Beauty’ D. (1966), seedling of capensis var. zanzibariensis

‘Red Paradise H. [1999 V.], seedling of ‘Vesuve’ [‘Atropurpurea’ W.L.]

‘Red Queen’ H. (1994), ‘Perry’s Fire Opal’ x ‘Pamela’ or x ‘Blue Beauty’

‘Red Sensation’ H. (1991), Probably ‘Alba Plenissima’ x ‘Atropurpurea

‘Red Sunset H. (1992), ‘Laydeker Fulgens’ “is possible parent.”

‘Ruby Red’ H. [Syn. ‘Perry’s Ruby Red’ V.] (1992), tetragona x ‘Perry’s Darkest Red’

‘Sarah Ann’ N. (1987), seedling of ‘Juno’

‘Trudy Slocum’ N. (1948), seedling of ‘Juno’

‘Venus’ H. (1991), ‘Pink Starlet’ x ‘Pamela’

‘White 1000 Petals’ H. [1998 W.L.], ‘Perry’s Red Beauty x ‘Lily Pons’ [‘Lilypons’ possible parent W.L.]

‘White Cup’ H. (1986), unknown parentage [‘Peter Slocum’ x ‘Panama Pacific’ V.]

‘White Sensation’ H. (1991 or 1992), ‘Pink Starlet’ x ‘Pamela’

‘Wow’ H. (1990), ‘Perry’s Pink’ x ‘Pamela’

‘Yellow Princess’ H. (1991), seedling of ‘Texas Dawn’

‘Yellow Queen’ H. (1991), seedling of ‘Texas Dawn’

‘Yellow Sensation’ H. (1991), alba (NZ) x mexicana form Canaveralensis (No. 2 b.)



Perry’s 30 Lotus (Nelumbo) Cultivar Epithets


‘Angel Wings’ (1984 US Plant Patent 5799), ‘Shirokunshi’ x ‘Pekinensis Rubra’

‘Baby Doll’ (1985), seedling of ‘Angel Wings’

‘Ben Gibson’ (1988), ‘Alba Plena’ x ‘Momo Botan’

‘Blockbuster Pink’ (19??), ‘Maggie Belle Slocum’ x nucifera var. caspicum

Carolina Snow’ (19??), nucifera ‘Shirokunshi’ x ‘Pekinensis Rubra’

‘Carolina Queen’ (1984), lutea x ‘Pekinensis Rubra’

‘Charles Thomas’ (1984, US Plant Patent 5794), ‘Shirokunshi’ x ‘Pekinensis Rubra’

‘Debbie Gibson’ (1988), ‘Alba Plena’ x lutea

‘First Lady’ (1995), ‘Maggie Belle Slocum’ x nucifera var. caspicum

‘Glen Gibson’ (1986), nucifera var. capsicum x lutea

‘Gregg Gibson’ (1985), seedling of ‘Charles Thomas’

‘Japanese Semi-Double’, (19??) [Water Garden Journal VIII-3, 1992 V.]

‘Jennifer’ (????), unknown parentage

‘Lavender Lady’ (1987), ‘Maggie Belle Slocum’ x ‘Charles Thomas’ [‘Charles Thomas’ x ‘Shiroman’ W.L.]

‘Linda’ (1988), seedling of ‘Mrs. Perry D. Slocum’

‘Louise Slocum’ (2001), lutea x ‘Sweetheart’

‘Maggie Belle Slocum’ (1984), ‘Shirokunshi’ x ‘Pekinensis Rubra’

‘Mrs. Perry D. Slocum.’ (1964), lutea x ‘Rosea Plena

‘Night and Day’ (1996), ‘Pekinensis Rubra’ x ‘Momo Batan

‘Nikki Gibson’ (1988), seedling of ‘Mrs. Perry D. Slocum’

‘Patricia Garrett’ (1988), ‘Maggie Belle Slocum’ x lutea

‘Perry’s Double Red Lotus’ (1995), probably ‘Pekinensis Rubra’ x ‘Momo Botan’

‘Perry’s Giant Sunburst’ (1987), nucifera ‘Alba Plena’ x lutea

‘Perry’s Super Star’ (1988), seedling of “Mrs. Perry D. Slocum’

‘Perry’s White Star’ (1990), unknown parentage

Sharon (1987), nucifera ‘Alba Plena’ x ‘Momo Botan’

‘Strawberry Blonde’ (1996), probably lutea x ‘Momo Botan’

‘Suzanne’ (1988), seedling of ‘Alba Striata

‘The President’ (1994), ‘Maggie Belle Slocum’ x nucifera Pekinensis Rubra

‘The Queen’ (1984), ‘Alba Striata’ x lutea


Perry’s 2 Iris (Iris) Cultivar Epithets


‘Queen of Violets’ (19??), laevigata x ‘Katherine Cornay

Cowee’ (19??), laevigata x ‘Katherine Cornay


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Perry Slocum Leaves Outstanding Legacy


Perry D. Slocum – An American Legacy


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