N. ‘Colorado’ – Photo ă James Knock


Kirk Strawn’s 57 Nymphaea Cultivars

(as found in the Victoria-Adventure Names Database)



   'Attorney Elrod'                 H            Deep rose, white inner sepals, green pads                                          <2003

   ‘Barbara Davies’ *           H            Double yellow pink blush, blotched pads                                             1992       

   'Barbara Dobbins' *          HV         Peach, slightly flecked pads                                                                1996

   'Berit Strawn' *                 H            Small deep peach, peppered pads                                                      1993

   'Bernice Ikins'                    H            Glowing red                                                                                      <1996

   'Betsy Sakata' *                H            Light yellow                                                                                       1997

   'Brazo's White'                  TN         White, green pads                                                                              1997

   'Burgundy Princess' *        H            Deep red, dark green pads                                                                1993

   'Celebration' *                   H            Double dark pink, deep green pads                                                    1994

   'Charlene Strawn' *           H            Rich yellow star, specked pads                                                          1981

   'Charlie's Choice' *            H            Changeable, apricot/yellow to near-red                                              1995

   'Chubby' *                        H            Cream, green pads                                                                            1993

   'Clyde Ikins' *                   H            Yellow flushed with peach pink, flecked pads                                    <1996

   'Colorado' *                      H            Peach, green pads                                                                             1994

   'Cynthia Ann'                     H            Small peach                                                                                      <2001

   'Dallas'                              H            Soft pink, green pads                                                                         1991

   'Denver' *                         H            Double white flushed with peach, green pads                                      1997

   'Doll House'                      H            Light pink                                                                                         <1994

   ‘George L. Thomas’          H            Red                                                                                                  c. 1995

  'Georgia Peach' *               HV         Peach                                                                                               1998

   'Gypsy' *                           H            Rose then white pink mauve                                                               1997

   'Helen Hariot'                    H            Light pink then red                                                                             1997

   'Highlight' *                       H            Cream with peach overtones                                                              1997

   'Innerlight' *                       H            Light yellow bright yellow center                                                        1997

   'Joey Tomocik' *               H            Vivid yellow, speckled pads                                                               1993

   'Laura Strawn' *                H            White, green pads                                                                              1997

   'Lemon Chiffon'                 H            Double yellow, freckled pads                                                             1997

   'Lemon Mist' *                  H            Double soft yellow                                                                             1997

   'Liou' *                              H            Small deep red, green pads                                                                1993

   'Little Sue' *                      H            Light lemon streaked with mauve, speckled pads                                1993

   'Louise Villemerette' *       H            Large pink, green pads                                                                      1993

   'Marian Strawn'                 TD         White star, radiating blotchy pads                                                       1969

   'Martha' *                         H            Large light pink                                                                                  1993

   'Mary' *                            H            Deep rose to light pink, green pads                                                    1993

   'Mayla' *                           H            Vivid fuschia, deep green pads                                                           1993

   'Nigel' *                            H            Pink cup, green pads                                                                         1993

   'Patio Joe' *                      H            Cool pink with apricot overtones                                                        1997

   'Peace Lily' *                     H            Light yellow peach                                                                             1999

   'Peachglow' *                    H            Light peach                                                                                        1996

   'Pink Grapefruit'                H            Light salmon                                                                                      <1997

   'Pink Peony' *                   H            Pink peony, dark green pads                                                              1993

   'Pink Pumpkin' *               H            Pink peony                                                                                        1994

   'Pink Sparkle' *                 H            Pink deeper at center                                                                         1997

   'Pink Sunrise' *                  H            Pink, flecked pads                                                                             1993

   'Red Cup'                          TN         Deep red cup, brown maroon pads                                                    1986

   'Red Spider' *                   H            Narrow petal red, mottled pads                                                         1993

   'Reflected Flame' *            H            Flame red                                                                                          1997

   'Robert Strawn'                 TD         Deep lavender blue star, slightly flecked pads                                     1969

   'Starbright' *                      H            White with pink tint, dark green with black flecked pads                     1997

   'Starburst' *                       H            Pink, splotched pads                                                                          1997

   'Steven Strawn'                 H            Red                                                                                                   1999

   'Sunny Pink' *                   H            Large pink, flecked pads                                                                    1997

   'Thomas O'Brien'               H            Medium pink to creamy white                                                            <2005

   'Walter Pagels' *               H            Cream white, army green pads                                                           1993

   'White Sultan' *                 H            White, green pads                                                                             1991

   'Yogi Gi'                            H            Deep fuchsia                                                                                     <2005

   'Yuh Ling' *                       H            Deep pink cup, dark green pads                                                        1992


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