Caracas Victoria Society

First Flowering of Sonia's Bucket Victoria


    At just 18 weeks of age, Sonia Angeli's Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid', which began its life in a bucket in the warmth of her kitchen, flowered for the first time. The pond is 40 inches in diameter and about 12 inches deep. The Victoria had recently been repotted into a pot of 11 inches diameter and was still being kept warm at night by Fernando's home-made heater. Members of the "Caracas Victoria Society" assembled for the second night of flowering. Fernando said, "Everyone always talks about the Victoria fragrance being like pineapple. If you are very close to it, it smells like guarapo de piña, a local drink made in some Latin American countries which is made of the outer skin of the pineapple.



Fernando and Luis


Teo and Sonia

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