Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical
San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela

The group that traveled to La Mision was Luis and I, Dorothy Whittembury and her husband Guillermo, and Sonia Angeli. As an added surprise, Pacho and Isadora Norden and Flor Roche, joined us. Fernando's work prevented him and Lucia from going.

Pacho and Isadora Norden are Guillermo Angulo´s friends from Bogota, the only people in the CVS who know him personally

Pacho and Eduardo, the Carbonell's driver

Guillermo Whittembury awaits lunch at the Asociacion de Ganaderos de Carabobo Restaurant in Valencia on our way to San Felipe. It serves the best meat in Venezuela.

Sonia, relaxing

Flor Roche and Sonia Angeli

We visited the park in a horse drawn wagon, driven by Alberto, a former Hungarian Olympic Equestrian Champion.

Sonia, Flor, Guillermo, Gertrud and Pacho in the park

Gertrud and her niece Bettina

Gertrud with one of her rare and beautiful Shagya Arabs. 

Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical
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