Dorothy Whittembury describes some of the delicious Venezuelan dishes enjoyed when the
Caracas Victoria Society
traveled to
Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical
San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela
in search of another home for Victoria

Photos by Juli Carbonell - Click to enlarge

Perico criollo

 Perico : our version of scrambled eggs but with a small variant: onions and tomatoes are cut very finely and fried. Once done you add the beaten eggs. Very typical in Venezuela for breakfast and delicious with --

Arepas : a combination of bun/pancake made of corn flour. Unlike other South American countries, who all use cornmeal in one way or another, here the corn is processed to a sort of rougher flour. This is mixed with water and this round tortilla, but thicker, is moulded (like the mud pies kids make) and either deep fried or cooked on an iron skillet on both sides until, when taken in your hands, it sounds hollow on the inside. Then it is done and these arepas (either quite small to accompany a meal, like your breads in a restaurant) or larger, are filled with : cheeses of various kinds, black beans, shredded meat, avocado or whatever you fancy. It is eaten like you would a sandwich.

Carne esmechada :
cooked beef. Once cooked, boiled or steamed, you shred it very finely and fry with onions, garlic, tomato and whatever other seasoning you fancy. Shredded meat is mostly eaten with black beans, fried plantains (the large bananas which cannot be eaten raw), rice and a salad. This would make up our national dish but as said above, in the arepas you can put anything.

Lomito a la Brasa :
lomito is beef tenderloin and a la brasa is over hot coals. Here butchers cut out the upper part just above the beef ribs in one piece and this is usually cooked whole either in the oven or as a barbeque.


Carne esmechada

Caraotas negras - black beans


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