Bolivar, who helps with Juli's orchid collection, was very skeptical about this addition to the orchid house.

Caracas Victoria Society
Starting The Seeds

Images by Juli Carbonell - Click to enlarge

November 12, 2003

Juli: We (they) worked very hard for about two hours, Fernando and Sonia with very sharp knives.
I couldn´t help much because I´m blind as a bat
and kept busy taking pictures.



Fernando: After we "nicked" the seeds, we put them in plastic cups with holes in them for good water circulation around the seeds. They then went into the aquarium where the water temperature will be raised from 75F to 85F.

Juli: Bolivar was very curious and finally understood what this was all about.



Caracas Victoria Society
Its Birth

Sonia's Bucket Babies

Sonia's Bucket Victoria's First Flower

Expedition to Parque de la Exótica Flora Tropical

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