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The last two weeks in October 2002 were (what did you think we were going to say?) absolute heaven for any water gardener! They began with a delightful garden club group touring the garden, which coincided with the arrival of Rich Sacher and Kevin Joyce from American Aquatic Gardens in New Orleans. We were joined the next day by Craig and Darcy Presnell (and Craig's Aunt Nadine). Kevin dubbed it the organizational meeting of PIDEL (People Interested In Developing Extraordinary Lilies).

 < PIDELers Kevin, Nadine, Darcy, Craig and Kit (Photo by Rich)


 Rich and Craig, both recent winners of the IWGS/RHS Banksian Medal for the best new waterlily hybrid, talk shop >

Kit asks Walter for a waterlily ID - Cyndie's photo
 Cyndie and Mike Thomas from Aurora, Colorado, arrived just in time to help us host another tour group. As Cyndie and Mike settled in for their annual week here, we were joined by legendary aquatic plant expert/collector/historian Walter Pagels. It was an incredible learning experience and we wished for days and days instead of just one.

Then world renowned waterlily hybridizer Perry Slocum and his wife Louise came for a visit. We were all meeting Louise for the first time and it was a total treat! She is a blast! And adores Perry as much as he adores her. We continue to be amazed at Perry's expertise and energy approaching 90.

Our Gordon Setter Cheech went Trick or Treating as a one-eyed, one horned flying purple people eater (costume by Cyndie)

Somehow we always think we have all the time in the world with Cyndie and Mike and run out of it. We didn't get new photos of them but at least we have uploaded Mike's profile.


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