In your garden there should be a place
where you can hide from a humdrum life.

Your spirit quietens and senses recognise
previously ignored subtle tunes of nature.

Imagination plays with the silhouettes of sun and shade;
while the wind ruffles the pond into waves.

As you trail fingers in the pond's edge
and lean over to catch the perfume of lilies,
goldfish flash silver and gold as they play in cool depths
and you realise there are worlds within worlds
and your spirit soars and worries gain perspective.

We all need somewhere to be alone,
to relax and regain the inner strength
to face the realities of the world again.

And you bless the living water-world in your garden
for the tranquility it brings you.

Sheila Tierney

The Tierneys 

Waterlily Acres 

 Silver Lining

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