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Arnhem Land

Photos by Dave Wilson
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Dave and Robyn Wilson, Northern Territory, Australia, spent a week in September 2002 in Central Arnhem Land looking for small fishes and water plants. Arnhem Land is a huge Aboriginal Reserve at the top end of the Northern Territory. It is shown on this map created by Peter R. Lister (click on the map for the legend and links to information about music of the region).

    Threadfin Rainbowfish (Iriatherina werneri) from Mirrngatja, an area on the Arafura Swamp. The Arafura Swamp is a huge wet area about 30 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers long. The Goyder River flows into the swamp and the Glyde River drains the swamp.

Christine, the wife of the traditional owner, collecting Rainbowfish in the Blyth River.

The ladies in the Maningrida area make woven twine dilly bags from the leaves of the Pandanus Palm.

  Junior Ali is the grandson of Charlie, the owner of the area. When you want a snack, there are no shops nearby so it's into the billabong and grab a water lily stalk.  


 Nymphoides aurantiaca from the Cadell River

< Nymphoides aurantiaca

Philydrum lanuginosum, an emergent reed like plant. >


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