Making New Waterlily Hybrids

From Conception to Bloom
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By Craig Presnell
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< 5/2/02 >

Two more seedlings are blooming! The one at the left is another real contender for naming.

< 5/11/02 - Though the first flower of this seedling doesn't appear to be that interesting, it will be grown out to see what happens. Craig says "From my peek, the outer petals were as red as any I've seen and the inner portions appeared to be hot pink. There are other buds and I fed it today, so maybe in a week or so I'll have a better idea what it might become."
 > 5/16/02 - "This is last lily to bloom...I knew something was different about it but couldn't put my finger on it," relates Craig. "It has NO petals. Last week I was seeing the inside of the sepals and the stamens. This one bloomed underwater...another of the twisted buds to reach the surface should open soon."


Contender 1

Contender 2
Contender 3 >>

6/7/02 - Of ten seedlings produced from Craig's cross, three are being considered for naming. His daughter's middle school class is working on a name for Contender 1, though Craig has retained veto power. Contender 2 is already viviparous, making it quite interesting. Craig is unsure about Contender 3, preferring to wait a while before making a decision about it.

'Jennifer Catherine'

'Vanilla Sky'
 The class finished their school year without naming Contender 1 so Craig has named it 'Jennifer Catherine' for his oldest daughter. Contender 2 is now 'Vanilla Sky' and Contender 3 is jokingly being called "Almost Ran". Will it get a name?

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