Images from David Smith, UK, December 2004

When asked by a list member about his greenhouse pond, David sent the following. Click images to enlarge.

I keep the temp to a constant 80fht and have Tina blooming at the moment.

I did have a setback this year when I moved house. Well! I left the house where it was but moved the ponds. Before that I kept them in the garden and had to bring in the fishes and plants into a 6ft aquarium, where I had both Tina and Blue Beauty blooming all through the winter. In April, I moved to the next street and installed one of my ponds into the greenhouse (after a spell in the garden in the summer).

 For about four months though I had to keep the lilies in tubs and things went down with no blooms all summer. I gave the fishes away and had to re-group after finishing reglazing part of the greenhouse. When I finally installed the pond, after modifying it to fit, I was able two months ago to replant four lilies and one lotus and add some of the fishes I love. Within two weeks the lilies started to improve and Tina started to bloom. Small blooms at first but bigger with every one. With six blooms so far she is looking good. Blue Beauty is striving as is Red Flare. Not sure about Wood's White Night yet. Lotus doing well having come on from seed earlier in the summer. Aerial leaves but no blooms yet. I cannot tell you the heritage of the lotus. The seeds from came Babs and I have yet to grow many of them due to my situation and so only tried one of them. Will have to investigate later.

These pictures show the fibreglass pond, after I cut its margin away to fit in the greenhouse, taken from the greenhouse area. The greenhouse before installing the pond and another of the modified pond.

I have forgotten the wattage of the halide lamps. I have them about 18 inches from the surface of the pond. They were lower when the water was lower but I have been adding water and have increased the height of the lamps accordingly. Unfortunately the leave of the lotus were beginning under the lights and so I have shifted the plant nearer to the window. Later I shall have to add a higher lamp especially for any lotus I plan to grow.


About five weeks ago I visited our Garden Club (a membership emporium of many acres of glasshouses) I had previously admired the Brugmansias. They were priced at £40 then and I did not buy one. We were both surprised and delighted to find that they had all been reduced to make way for the winter and in preparation for Christmas. I bought three for £2 each and have installed one in the greenhouse next to the pond. Some bargain eh.


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