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Growing lotuses (Nelumbo) can be easy and fun either from tuber or from seed. If you grow from tuber, you will have an exact duplicate of the parent, in many cases a named cultivar. If growing from seed, please keep in mind that, even if a name comes with the seeds, the offspring will be quite variable because of the genetics involved and they can't retain the cultivar name.

Your tuber should be firm and have a healthy growing tip. Be very careful not to damage the tips as they are quite fragile and critical to growing the plant.  

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Choose round containers for lotuses so future runners don't get jammed in square corners. Soil can be anything readily available but avoid potting soils which contain light materials that will float away. Plant your lotus tuber in the soil with the growing tip at soil level and pointed toward the center of the pot. Fertilize regularly during the growing season with tablets designed for aquatic plants.

Lotuses can be grown in the main pond, a separate small pond, or self contained in decorative pots for the patio or deck. Water over the pot or soil in the container should be at least 8" deep. If growing in the pond, be sure that runners don't escape the container and invade the pond. They can overwhelm other pond plants.

With some varieties, it can take several years for them to bloom, and this can also be dependent on your location. In the meantime, you can enjoy the spectacular foliage, almost enough by itself!

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