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Introduction to Lotus
The Habitat and Habit of Wild Nelumbo
  Basic Guide To Growing Lotuses
  Growing Nelumbo (Lotus) From Seed & Seedling Cultivation
by Walter Pagels 
  Nelumbo (Lotus) 2001Germination Expermient & Seedling Growth
by Walter Pagels  
  Should I Grow From Seed or Rhizome? The Truth About Plants Grown From Both
  Lotus - Guidelines for Growing from Seed by Babs Ellinwood 
  Winter Care For Lotus by Members of our Email Discussion List   
  Baby Lotus - Winter Care by Babs Ellinwood 

Specialty Articles
  The Whybrew Family's Lotus Growing Adventure
  "Thousand Petals" by Eiji Nitasaka 
  The Lotus Effect - Text by and images by David Wurtz
  The Little Nelumbo That Could! by Juli Carbonell, Caracas, Venezuela 
  From Homer's Odyssey - The Lotus-eaters
provided by Werner Wallner Greek | English | German 

Lotus Image Galleries Main
  Lotus Cultivar Gallery Complete (400K)
For shorter downloads A-G | H-M | N-S | T-Z  
  Lotus Species Images
  Lotus - Sprout To Bloom In Images 
Galleries by Photographer 
  Perry Slocum's Lotus Gallery
(For shorter download Lotus A-Mo | Lotus Mr-Z
  Hideshi Sobue's Lotus Galleries 
  Werner Wallner's Nelumbo Gallery 
  N. 'Siska Kurniawan' by Richard Harlan 
  Lotus Images by Billy Bates
  Perry's Water Gardens, Franklin , North Carolina - Images by Bill Cherry
  The Clyde Ikins Collection Lotuses (Nelumbo) Complete Gallery (200K)
For shorter downloads A-N | O-Z 
  Lotus Images by Christian Meyer
  Diversity of Seedlings in a Single Cross of Nelumbo by Christian Meyer 

Lotus Names - More than 600 names with color, type and links to images
List of Lotus Varieties used primarily for the production of Seed and Vegetable Roots

A special book, "The Lotus Seed", inspires A Special Lotus Growing Program For Kids

Lotus Links Centuries-old lotus seeds germinated by UCLA scientists
  Growing Lotus From Seed by Margaret Simpson  



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