Visitations by a Juvenile Bald Eagle
starting July 13, 2005

Kit & Ben Knotts, Cocoa Beach, Florida - Click images to enlarge

When we first saw this bird, we thought it was sick or injured. After several conversations with our local Audubon Society eagle experts, we now think it is young and dumb. In the first picture, you can see it in the tree at about 1 oclock from the tip of our chimney. It spent the afternoon there.

In all our years here, we have never seen or heard of bald eagles on the beach, a barrier island. To have one in semi-residence right here on the oceanfront is a real treat, now that we are less concerned for its health. It could be that our garden provides a source of fresh water and eagle delicacies.


It spent the next morning on a slightly lower branch and we were able to photograph it from the second floor deck and from out by Reflection. Over the next several days, we saw that it could fly and spotted it perched on nearby chimneys.

Same image zoomed
THEN, here it was on a windbreak not 7 feet off the ground and lower than our observation point on the second floor. It wasn't 20 feet from us. Cheech barked like crazy and all it did was look at us. That is Treasures below it and an 'Avalanche' flower off its left wing.

Same image zoomed

Zoomed again
After nearly tripping over it several times perched on pond edges VERY close to the house several days in a row, it had a preen and wing drying break out on a duneside former propagation tank. 

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