Moisture-loving Irises in Italy

by Roberto Pellegrini
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Iris 'Appointer'

Iris 'Black Gamecock'

Iris 'Berlin Versilaev'

Iris ensata 'Jitsugetsu'

Iris japonica >

Iris japonica


 < Iris pseudacorus


Iris pseudacorus 'Bastardii'


< Iris pseudacorus 'Donau'

Iris pseudacorus 'Berlin Tiger'

Iris pseudacorus 'Sun Cascade'

Iris sanguinea

Iris x robusta 'Gerald Darby'

Iris x robusta 'Dark Aura'

< Iris x robusta 'Mountain Brook'

 Iris x robusta appears to be a naturally occurring hybrid between I. virginica and I. versicolor.

Iris tectorum

 Iris versicolor >

Iris setosa 

Iris versicolor >



Iris wattii

< Iris versicolor 'Kermesina' 

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