Louisiana Irises Blooming in South Africa

Images by Pieter van der Walt, Aqua Flora, Britts - Click to enlarge
* indicates Aqua Flora introduction

Gallery 1

Iris 'Acadian Miss'

Iris 'Blue Peter' *

Iris 'Cajundome'

Iris 'Ann Chowning'

 Iris 'Camilla' *

Iris 'C'est Magnifique'

Iris 'Captain Bill'

Iris 'Charlie's Michelle'

Iris 'C'est Chic'

Iris 'Charlie's Tress'

Iris 'Clara Goula'

Iris 'Delta Wings'

Iris 'Dr. Dorman' | Iris 'Elusive Butterfly'

Iris 'Dazzling Star'

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