Some Australian Native Aquatic Plants

by Nan Bailey - Click images to enlarge


Ludwigia peploides ssp. montevidensis

Here is our native Ludwigia. It is a perennial with prostrate creeping or floating stems.

  Monocoria australasica

This is one of the Monochorias, in the Pontederiaceae family. M. cyanea is a softer blue.


Monochoria sp.

This one was photographed beside a causeway on the Haan River in Lakefield National Park, North Queensland. It was the most incredible blue, almost indigo, and I saw it as we crossed the causeway. I would presume it is a colour variation of M. australasica, but I can't say for certain.



This fresh water mangrove was collected from the Mitchell River area in North Queensland.


 Nymphoides crenata

This native was photographed near the , after the wet season had flooded the river. It was in a large shallow puddle beside the partially flooded road.



Otellia ovalifolia

This is the flower of our native swamp lily, Otellia ovalifolia. The leaves are not pictured, but are elongated ovals and float on the surface. It is a very pretty plant and usually grows in lagoons with lots of leaf litter.


 Triglochin procerum

This "water ribbons" came from the same area as the Nymphoides. I have been able to propagate it from seed.



  Utricularia australis

This is a nice bladderwort which has fine feathery "leaves" and fairly large bladders. It just floats and gets longer, similar to Hornwort. I have had it flower each season and the flowers are yellow like U. gibba, but on a much longer and more robust stalk. It came from a dam on a cattle property beside the Mitchell River in North Queensland, where there were white Nymphea violacea ( I think ) growing. The problem with that was the cows all climbed into the dam to eat the lilies as it dried up in the drought these past few years. Their usual food was tough and dry when we went there, so the lilies were a much more preferable food.


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