Louisiana Irises - Index of Images








'My Friend Dick'














'Charlotte's Tutu'














'Dawn Aglow'

'Acadian' 1
'Acadian' 2
'Acadian Miss'

'Amber River' 1
'Amber River' 2
'Ann Chowning' 1
'Ann Chowning' 2

'Art World'
'Bayou Comus'
'Bayou Honey'
'Bayou Shadow'
'Bernice Ikins'
'Bill Neil'
'Black Gamecock'
'Black Gamecock'
vs. 'Henry Rowlan'

'Blue Peter'
'Bourbon Street'
'Brazos Gold'
'Bryce Leigh'
'Bubble Gum Ballerina'
'Cajun Country'
'Cajundome' 1
'Cajundome' 2
'Captain Bill'
'C'est Chic'
'C'est Magnifique'

'Catwalk Idol'
'Charles Arny III'
'Charlie's Michelle'
'Charlie's Tress'

'Charlotte's Tutu'
'Chateau Michelle'
'Clara Goula' 1
'Clara Goula' 2

'Clyde Ikins'
'Creole Can-Can'
'Creole Flame'
'Creole Rhapsody'
'Dazzling Star'

'Dawn Aglow'
'Delta Wings'
'Dr. Dorman'

'Dural White Butterfly'
'E.C. Everingham'
'Edmond Riggs'
'El Toro'
'Elusive Butterfly'

'Emory Smith' 1
'Emory Smith' 2
'Faubourg-Saint John'
'Feliciana Hills'
'Finders Keepers'

'Freddie Boy'
'Fresh Mint'
'G.W. Holleyman'

'Gerry Marstellar'
'Gertie Butler'
'Gladiator's Gift'

'Gold Reserve'
'Great White Hope'

'Gulf Moon Glow'

'Henry Rowlan'
'Henry Rowlan'
vs. 'Black Gamecock'

'Helen Naish'
'High Rank'
'Honey Star'

'Hush Money'
'Irish Spirit'
'Jazz Ballet'
'Jersey Cream'

'Jet Ace'
'Josephine Shank'
'Just a Reflection'

'Katherine L. Cornay'
'Kelly's Choice'

'Lafayette Honey' 1
'Lafayette Honey' 2
'Lara Louise'

'Lavender Ruffles' 1
'Lavender Ruffles' 2

'Longue View'
'Mac's Blue Heaven'
'Marble Cake'

'Margaret Lee'
'Marie Caillet'
'Maroon Velvet'
'Martha Lisa'

'May Roy'
'Miss Gertie's Bonnet'
'Mrs. Ira Nelson'
'My Friend Dick'
'Night Owl'

'Parade Music' 1
'Parade Music' 2
'Patient Reward'

'Peaches in Wine'
'Phoenix Red Velvet'
'Praline Festival'
'Professor Ike'
'Professor Jim'
'Pumpkin Chiffon'
'Rachel's Request'

'Red Echo'
'Red Snapper' 1
'Red Snapper' 2

'Richard's Pink'
'Rose Cartwheel'
'Royal Occasion'

'Ruth Sloan'
'Screen Gem'

'Sea Knight'

'Starlite Starbrite'
'Summer Skies'

'Sunny Episode'


'Vermillion Treasure'
'Yellow Web'
'Violet Ray'
'White Special'
'Wine Country'

'Bubble Gum Ballerina'














 'Gulf Moon Glow'
















'Peaches in Wine'














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