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Plants that grow in and around water offer an incredible kaleidoscope of colors, textures and patterns to please every visitor to the pond. From waterlilies and lotus, a turn of the chips of glass in the mind's eye brings us jolly little floating plants, graceful waving grasses, creepy crawlers reaching out over the pond's surface, even your favorite Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum.

All aquatic plants have their place in pond beauty and balance, none so important for balance as submerged plants. Probably the most widely known and used of these is anacharis, but there are many others which also utilize excess nutrients, help prevent algae and provide cover for pond wildlife.

Floating plants are fun, attractive and also very useful. The water hyacinth has attractive foliage setting off its spire of orchid-like blooms but its real value in the garden pond is as "clean up crew". More and more is being learned about this plant's ability to filter out impurities in water and it is playing an important part in water purification projects world-wide. Other floating plants, like water lettuce and duckweed, provide shade for the pond water and fish. Be sure to check the "invasive" status of these plants where you live.

There are fascinating aquatic plants that grow in conditions like the waterlily family but look quite different. The "Mosaic Plant" and "Water Snowflake" are two outstanding ones.

Marginal and bog plants give dimension to the pond. There are so many possibilities and choices here that it boggles the mind. Every shape, size, habit, color known to the plant world grow in and around the pond. Even from the animal world we have the tails of cats, ears of elephants and zebra's stripes.

Iris are in a class by themselves, the royalty of pond edge. Whether from Louisiana or Japan or your own wetlands, species or hybrid, their beauty is unsurpassed as pond decor.And there is still the wealth of plants that love moisture, adding still more richness and depth to your pond's unique character.

Let fancy and fantasy fly! Spin the kaleidoscope and choose the perfect plants for you!

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