Aquatic, Marginal
& Moist Soil Plants

Aquatic Plants Images - Alphabetical by Botanical Name
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Index of Images by Botanical Name 

 Index of Louisiana Iris Images

Galleries by Photographer

Dick Sloan's Louisiana Iris Suite

Rich Sacher's Gallery of Louisiana Iris 

Werner Wallner's Gallery of Aquatic Plants Main

Kit Knotts' Sampler Gallery of Aquatic & Marginal Plants

Sagittaria guayanensis (Sagittaria guyanensis)
by Angel Rodriguez & Carla Black

Some Australian Native Aquatic Plants by Nan Bailey 

The Clyde Ikins Collection Aquatic Plants 

The Clyde Ikins Collection Louisiana Irises Complete 400K
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Aquatic & Marginal Plants by Mauro Bergamo
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Water Irises by Mauro Bergamo

Moisture-loving Irises in Italy by Roberto Pellegrini 



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