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Aquatic & Marginal Plants
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Introduction to Aquatic & Marginal Plants

Galleries - Alphabetical by Botanical Name

Dick Sloan's Louisiana Iris Suite
Rich Sacher's Gallery of Louisiana Iris 
Werner Wallner's Gallery of Aquatic & Marginal Plants Main 
Kit Knotts' Sampler Gallery of Aquatic & Marginal Plants
Sagittaria guayanensis (Sagittaria guyanensis)
by Angel Rodriguez & Carla Black 
Some Australian Native Aquatic Plants by Nan Bailey  
The Clyde Ikins Collection 
Aquatic Plants
Louisiana Irises
Complete 400K
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Aquatic & Marginal Plants by Mauro Bergamo
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Water Irises by Mauro Bergamo
From WGI ONLINE Journal -
Aquatic Palms & Cycads Galleries by Michael Calonje
Louisiana Iris Galleries by Pieter van der Walt
Complete - 500K For shorter downloads - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4 

Index to Images by Botanical Name

Index of Louisiana Iris Images

Sources For Waterlilies and Aquatic Plants

Special Articles

The Aliens Are Coming!
or Responsible Water Gardening Without Invasives - by Larry Maupin 
THE Smallest Flowering Plants - The Genus Wolffia by Kit Knotts 
Fecundity in Nymphoides - By David Curtright
The Genera Nymphoides and Villarsia - By David Curtright
About Elephant Ears by Horace Hobbs 
Introducing Aquatic Palms by Jorge Monteverde 

From WGI ONLINE Journal -
WGI Online is, for the most part, for members only. Joining is free, no strings attached. Some issues are open to the public. The links below take you to the cover of the issue, and then to the articles.
Carnivorous Plants For In and Around Your Water Garden Vol. 1.2 
Go With What Works  Vol. 1.2
The Wild Wacky World of Variegated Water Plants Vol. 1.3
The Alure of Aponogeton distachyos Vol. 1.3
A widening array of versatile aquatic plants Color Me Summer! Vol. 1.4
Heliconias that like Wet Feet Vol. 1.4  
Crinum campanulatum Vol. 2.1
Plants to improve Your Winter Reflection Vol. 2.1
The Samaan Grove Wetland System Vol. 2.2
Notes on Echinodorus macrophyllus Vol. 2.2
The Moist Soil Garden Vol. 2.3
China Tackles the Water Hyacinth Vol. 2.4
Cobras Are Found in Oregon! Vol. 2.4
The truly aquatic Crinum natans Vol. 3.1
Terrestrial Plants for the Pond Vol. 3.2
The surprising floral explosion of Camas Lilies Vol. 3.2
Water Hyacinth Claims More Victims in Africa Vol. 3.3
A Penchant for Papyrus Vol. 3.3
Hymenocallis coronaria - Spider Lilies Writ Large Vol. 3.4

Seed Collection, Storage & Germination

Storage and Germination of Seeds of Aquatic Plants
Excerpted from an article by W.C. Muenscher, 1936, by Don Stevens
Dick Sloan gives simple directions for
Collecting & Starting Louisiana Iris Seeds

The Art of Aquatic Cooking - Recipes Index
  Culinary and Herbal uses of Aquatic Plants - Presentation by Rev. Charles H. Overton at the 1994 Symposium of the International Water Lily Society. Sparsholt, Germany, July 28th-August 2nd
  Chart of Edible Aquatics by Cathy Wilkinson Barash 
  Water Hawthorn Stew - Jacques Gerber, Pretoria, South Africa  
  Taro Basics | Taro Burgers | Chicken or Squid Luau | Laulau - By Asta Miklius, Volcano, Hawai'i
  Lotus Tuber Basics | Lotus Tuber Chicken Soup & Chicken in Plum Sauce
Fish & Lotus Tuber Stir Fry | Lotus Tuber Tempura
Bean Sprout & Lotus Tuber Stir Fry with Crispy Bacon
By Tuckfook Ng, Penang, Malaysia
  Lotus Leaf Wrapped Fish with Fresh Mango Salsa - By Kit & Ben Knotts, Florida, USA 
  Vietnamese Cilantro Salsa | Chameleon Wild Rice Salad & Wasabi Vinaigrette
Cinnamon Wild Rice Pudding | Cattail Biscuits | Daylily Blueberry Pancakes
Full Bloom Dip - by Cathy Wilkinson Barash, Iowa USA 

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